James Cameron Changes One Scene in “Titanic” to Satisfy Astronomers

When James Cameron decided to go along with the theatrical re-release of his epic drama Titanic, he agreed to change only one scene in the entire film.  While James is known to be a perfectionist that went to extraordinary lengths to make sure everything in the movie was as factually accurate as he could be, his perfectionism met its match when astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson finally saw the film.  Tyson realized that a pivotal scene when Kate Winslet’s character was clinging to a piece of driftwood and the camera shows the night sky, the stars were not properly aligned for that date.  As a matter of fact, half of the sky was copied and pasted over.  A shortcut for James Cameron?  Preposterous.  Fear not, though.  James got it right in the re-release, with astronomers help.  Now, the sky is historically accurate for the date portrayed. According to Cameron, this is the only scene that was changed for the new version of the film.

Watch Tyson break it down…


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