Hillary Clinton Parties at Colombian Nightclub — Who Casts the First Stone?

So, Hillary knows how to have a good time? Is that a crime? What did you do Saturday night?

64-year-old Hillary Clinton has been under fire for some photographs that have surfaced of her partying the night away in a Colombian nightclub with friends.  Hillary was really getting down, dancing with her hands in the air.  She had ditched her conservative look and really let her hair down.  She ditched her typical two-piece business suit for a casual black dress and was photographed enjoying a beer.  The Secretary of State was obviously enjoying herself, but many in the media are quick to cast stones and say that there was something wrong with Hillary enjoying a night on the town.

We at Common Sense Conspiracy would like to point out that the very people that are throwing stones at Hillary Clinton probably could have worse pictures of themselves surface, and most of them probably have not led a very scrutinized life in the public eye like she has.  Hillary has never been involved in any sort of scandal, except secondary involvement because of those of her husband and former President Bill Clinton.  So the lady had some fun.  Is there something wrong with that?

We should be more worried about where the Secret Service was and what they were doing, especially in light of what happened with them in Columbia also.  Hopefully, Mrs. Clinton had their full attention and protection while she was enjoying herself in Columbia.

Yes, it is somewhat disturbing to have all of this coming out about our serious governmental agencies seeming to put things on cruise control, but does Hillary downing a few beers and unwinding really constitute a scandal?