Hardees and Carl’s Jr. Sell Sex, Cheeseburgers, and Obesity

As you can see here, Kate Upton regularly eats Hardee's cheeseburgers... one bite probably has more than her calorie needs for the day.

We are all aware of the obesity epidemic that is taking over the United States, and the world, too.  It is affecting children more and more, as lifestyles have become more sedentary in general.  There is no doubt that fast food has been a major part of how we as a culture got where we are, but even as popular outlets like McDonald’s and Burger King try to improve their health image with new menu options that cater to a different crowd, Hardees and Carl’s Jr. (which are owned by the same company) continue to pitch greasy, conventional fast food fare as glamorous and…sexy.

We all know that sex sells, but a recurring line of Hardees and Carl’s Jr. commercials take it to the max.  Kim Kardashian and Paris Hilton have already taken part in these commercials in the past, which are very racy ads that feature the scantily clad starlets scarfing down ridiculous large, greasy, and calorie and fat-laden burgers in the most suggestive way imaginable.  Now, the masterminds behind this ad campaign have landed their biggest fish yet. While Kim and Paris are pretty damn famous in their own right, still, landing Sports Illustrated-cover gracing Kate Upton is a major stepping up to the big leagues for Hardees and Carl’s Jr.  Kate’s video follows the usual formula — a sultry gorging of a jalapeno-filled cheeseburger bigger than her waist while clad in an over-the-top sexy outfit and continuing on to consume the cheeseburger in a variety of, what’s the word, poses.

The campaign’s target is kind of clouded.  The obvious one is guys.  Guys, guys, and more guys.  The Kate Upton commercial is already showing signs of being a viral hit on the Internet, but what is the real message that is being purveyed here?  And how does it affect children that view it?  Do those impressionable minds really equate Kate Upton’s enviable body for the results of sucking down Hardee’s jalapeno cheeseburgers?

If you really think about it, the ads are obviously targeted at guys predominantly, and what are they supposed to make guys want to do?  No, not that…get your mind out of the gutter.  It’s supposed to make you want to stop in for a jalapeno cheeseburger, and as sweat breaks out on your forehead as you eat it (not to mention your briskly accelerating blood pressure), you can remember Kate Upton writhing around eating the very same specimen.  However, guys are the ones that have the most risk of cardiovascular disease, hypertension, and various other health problems that Hardees is definitely not helping but contributing to.  They are literally using Kate Upton to try to suck you in to your death.

Anyway, here’s the advertisement.  Does it make you want a cheeseburger?


2 thoughts on “Hardees and Carl’s Jr. Sell Sex, Cheeseburgers, and Obesity”

  1. This commercial is exactly what the late Bill Hicks talked about in his HBO “One Night Stand” comedy routine. (I hate calling it that as it was so clever) He said that advertisers would, “if they could get a way with it” do this commercial:

    “It starts with a girl’s face. The camera pans back. She has no top on exposing her large breats. It pans back further. She completely naked, sitting in a chair masterbating and the caption reads: ‘Drink Coke.'” Sound familiar? This was Bill Hicks critism of an America he was obviously full of digusting, uniltelligent people, who were breeding and only getting dumber. Well, here we are, just 24 years after first told that routine….. The girl isn’t naked or masterbating, but we’re getting closer.
    And I think the late Bill Hicks would be absolutely digusted and pissed off that his America are full of idiots who watch shows like “Honey Boo-Boo” and “Naked and Afraid” and “Jersey Shore” and a seeingly endless about of inane garbage that I personally would never admit it if I was watching it. And yet, there are millions of people out there who see nothing wrong with these shows, and probably tape them to watch when they get home from church on Sunday. (I.E. They fail to see the hypocracy.)

    Bill Hicks also told jokes about a waitress who came up to fill his coffee and asked him, “Whatcha readin’ for?” Not, “what are you reading?” But, “Whatcha readin’ FOR?” That joke seemed mean in 1991, but now? I remember that joke as I sit in my doctor’s office, reading the book I always bring in case the wait is long, and I look around the room to see 20 people sitting around staring at their phones. No doubt playing video games, or posting irrelevant BS on their Facebook page, or watching a rerun of “Mobster’s Wives.”
    Remember 20 years ago when people used to read or talk to each other?
    I’m only 46 years old and yet I find myself defending my viewpoint like I’m some 80 year old German Baptist. I’m sorry, but when I see commercials like the Carls Jr ads full of bikini-clad models, I think two things:
    “Would I feel comfortable watching this with my grandmother?” And, “Do children watching this garbage, REALIZE that it’s garbage? And that you can’t eat huge fattening hamburger’s and look like the models who are dripping mayo and ketchup all over themselves?

    It really sucks that Bill Hicks died so young. I feel ripped off that I missed 25 years of his genius. And, although it sucks he died so young, I am sort of glad that he didn’t live to see his digusting depiction of what commercials might become starting to come true. (he predicted that naked woman “Drink Coke” commercial in 1991)

    RIP Bill Hicks.

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