Good News for the Secret Service — Robot Sex Slaves Coming Soon

Meet Roxxy, the world's first life-sized robotic girlfriend.

In light of the Secret Service scandal in Colombia, this has to be good news.  A recent journal publication reveals that the technology exists for people to have sexual relationships with machines.  They are predicting that by the year 2050 prostitution will be practically eliminated by robot sex slaves.

The journal publication pushes this idea in a very positive light.  First, it spotlights the idea that robot sex slaves will be completely free of disease, which will stop the spread of HIV and AIDS through prostitution.  It also will mean a decline in human trafficking, which is a much bigger problem than most people can imagine.  It’s already happening in Japan and South Korea.  Many companies are producing robotic sex dolls that offer a level of perfection in their respective area of expertise that humans can’t expect from other humans.

Of course, with the sex robot revolution comes a myriad of social and moral complications.  For example, the journal questions whether real live couples would consider their spouses using a robot prostitute as an act of infidelity.  You can imagine how crazy it gets from there.  It has even been suggested that people might have robot sex slaves custom-made for human fetishes, bringing about the ludicrous scenario of a pedophile ordering a robot sex doll that was modeled after a child.  And then there comes government regulation.  Oh, the problems…

So, as always, we put it to you, our readers.
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