Godzillus? Scientists Puzzle Over Origination of Mysterious Fossil — Giant Sea Creature?

Godzillus would have to be one big sea anemone if that fossil came from it.

A fossil was found in Kentucky last year that was more than two meters long.  Ever since, scientists have been working hard to try to figure out what species the fossil was from.  And the possibilities are wide open.  They haven’t even been able to narrow down to a plant or animal.  They are at such a loss to identify the fossil, nicknamed “Godzillus”, that they basically turned it loose to a Geological Society of America meeting hoping that someone might see it and have an idea.

They have determined that the fossil is approximately 450 million years ago, but it is the largest one they have ever found in the Cincinatti region.  To further complicate matters, the fossil comes from a time period when scientists believe the area was under water.  So, even if they decide that it is from an animal, they are still trying to determine whether it was from a sea creature or a land animal…or both.  It has been suggested that the fossil may have been from some sort of prehistoric sea anemone much larger than the ones we observe on Earth today.  Yet, another scientist says that the fossil’s structure does not resemble anything that would make them think it was a fish.  This is also consistent with the scientific conjecture that when Cincinatti was covered by water, only shellfish lived in it.  There is no evidence of fish in the area.

This is just another example of the paradox of science in general.  For each new discovery that they make about our Earth or the heavens, it seems that it only leads to more questions, often more complicated than the ones they started with.