Get Ready for the Crazies! Dick Clark, Immortality, and Illuminati and Freemason Ties

This website exists to help, well, filter through the bullshit, and the passing of Dick Clark is going to open up the crazy talk full speed ahead.  As a matter of fact, just six minutes after Clark’s death was announced publicly, there was already a lively thread over at our “friends” at Godlike Productions and Above Top Secret claiming all sorts of silly notions.  So, we are going to get ahead of the game on this one and start letting you know what kind of crazy stuff you are going to hear in conspiracy circles over the coming days.

Believe it or not (and you probably want to go with not on this one), there are those that believe that Dick Clark is heavily connected to the Freemasons.  Of course, the Freemasons are connected to the Illuminati.  Kinda sounds like the old human body song that sings about this bone being connected to that bone.  It has been proposed on conspiracy sites before that Clark is actually a direct Illuminati descendant, going all the way back to the Knights Templar.

Dick Clark and Barry Manilow -- The last brigade of the philosopher's stone?

His famous youthful appearance has drawn plenty of conspiracy theories as well.  His supposed ties to the Illuminati and Freemasons supposedly gave him access to “secret information” that only those sort of people get.  He has even been tied to the legend of the philosopher’s stone, which some say can grant a person immortality, you know, vampire style.

There is a website (we won’t link to it because we don’t want to give him any Internet street cred) that actually traces Dick Clark from the beginning.  It shows how the gift of youth from the philosopher’s stone was passed down to the Freemasons.  It then suggests that Dick Clark got the job at “American Bandstand” solely to be christened in the knowledge of the stone.  It even says that Barry Manilow passed the information to him during an “American Bandstand” appearance in 1977.  Apparently, if you watch the video of Barry’s appearance on the show, he and Dick Clark engage in some sort of Illuminati Freemason super-handshake.  There are supposedly other gestures in the performance that were Illuminati-tinged.

Another site claims that Dick Clark is an immortal figure that has survived centuries.  This one goes all the way with it too.  They actually accuse Dick Clark of being Saint Vitus who was the patron saint of dancing in the Catholic religion.  Apparently, Saint Vitus caused a dancing craze in medieval times.  A mania of dancing spread through France and other European countries in the 1300’s.  People were dancing everywhere and with no rhyme or reason.  Religious institutions claimed that the people dancing had been inhabited by demons and many exorcisms were performed.

We could point out the myriad of problems with both of these theories, but it’s kind of pointless.  After all, the theories fall apart on their own.  Dick Clark is accused of being Saint Vitus because he’s been alive all this time.  And yet, Vitus was prayed to to help stop the dancing craze.  Dick Clark famously encouraged music that in turn encouraged dancing.  If he were Saint Vitus, that would be a highly unusual move for him to take.  And then the pure idea that Dick Clark was immortal…well that one goes down the drain after his death today.

As always, we encourage our loyal readers to educate themselves and not buy into outlandish theories that have little or no factual evidence.  And when we find a REAL conspiracy, then we have something to talk about.