FBI Warns of Massive Lost Internet Connections in July — Hacking Bust Gone Wrong?

The Federal Bureau of Investigation continues to warn the general public that in July, hundreds of thousands of Americans may find themselves without Internet connections if they do not take appropriate action.  This stems from an investigation that resulted in numerous arrests earlier this year.  A hacking group that spanned the world used an advertising ploy to plant its bug on potentially millions of computers around the world.  The bug stops people from being able to access the Internet, but it does so in such a way that it makes it appear that the computer or connection is to blame.  Meanwhile, the bug is busy accessing the Internet itself, doing any number of activities.

The FBI knew what kind of fallout it might be dealing with when it busted the ring.  To prevent massive computer Internet outages, it had agents of the bureau set up a system to keep the bug from doing its thing.  Basically, the FBI used its own team of hackers to set up separate computers that would keep things moving along even after the jig was up for the hackers.  This allowed them to publicize what to do about it and hopefully minimize the effects.  However, the FBI fears that many owners of infected computers are still unaware and have not taken the necessary measures to secure their machine.  Now, the FBI is trying to get the word out before it closes its temporary servers down in July.

If you have any reason to believe your computer may have been affected, you can visit http://www.dcwg.org to screen your system.  This is the site mandated by the government.  If you don’t trust the government (and who does) then you might want to pursue other avenues for safeguarding your Internet connection.