Fat Girl Claims Discrimination When Not Allowed to Dance on Bar — “Plus-Sized” Rights?

Do you want this girl dancing on the platform in your bar? That is the question.

Well, here’s one of those stories that almost inevitably ends in some kind of rant.  Here goes.  Jordan Ramos is a 21-year-old University of Iowa student.  She describes herself as “plus-sized.”  Let’s get to the point.  She’s fat.  Okay, so there’s plenty of fat people in a nation overridden with a marked obesity problem.  What’s the big deal?  Well, Jordan is making big-time news by claiming that she is being discriminated against because of her size.

At first glance, it seems like a good argument, right?  We at Common Sense Conspiracy wholeheartedly believe that Miss Ramos should never be discriminated against because she is obese.  When we say “discriminated against,” we mean situations like an employer not considering her because of her size.  Stuff like that.  What is Ramos’ beef?  She was not allowed to dance on a platform at a bar.

Jordan went to the Union Bar in Iowa City with some friends in March.  She wanted to get onto a special platform where her friends were hanging out and dancing, but a bouncer stopped her and turned her away.  The first time, he simply said that the platform was full.  But after waiting for a couple of people to leave, Jordan tried again.  The bouncer turned her away again, and when prompted for a reason, he had a damning reply:

“Look, you will never get up on this platform. Go back to the dance floor where you belong.”

According to Jordan, the only difference between her and the others dancing on the platform is that she is “plus-sized” and they were all thin.  She gave up the fight for that night, but she lived to fight another day.  She returned to the bar in April with her friends to see if the same thing would happen.  This time, the confrontation got uglier:

“He said, ‘You’re not pretty enough and you’re pregnant.’ I said, ‘I can tell you with 100 percent certainty that I am not pregnant.’ He then looked at my stomach and said, ‘You obviously are.’ They knew I was not pregnant; it was their way of calling me fat without having to actually say it.”

So what did Jordan do?  Apparently this fat girl really wants to dance on the platform bad.  She actually approached the Human Rights Commission in Iowa City but they turned her away, citing that while she may have been discriminated against because of her size, it is not illegal in formal law for them to do so.

So, how does this make you feel, America?  Should Jordan have every right to dance on that bar platform, regardless of her size, or is it okay for a bar to say no to the plus-sizes?  And is this really a cause that should be addressed with the Human Rights Commission while others are discriminated against for more sincere and noble reasons?  Or is this a harbinger of things to come with a society that is ever leaning more towards obesity?  What do you think?  Common Sense Conspiracy values your opinion and wants to hear it.
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6 thoughts on “Fat Girl Claims Discrimination When Not Allowed to Dance on Bar — “Plus-Sized” Rights?”

  1. Of course the girl was discriminated against! I don’t see how that can be denied. Now, if you ask whether or not I feel bad about what happened, then my answer would be no.

  2. And what about us guys who like bigger girls? Do you have any idea how refreshing it would be to see a few chubby girls dancing on the bar? I think she is kind of cute.

  3. Look, I’m a fat freakin’ slob & I’ve grown tired of stupid remarks & those ladies who are bigger than stick people (with monster boob -& occasional a*$- implants) being hassled but someone needs to tell Jordan Ramos that she is young & while she feels “outraged” for being judged, she has to understand that safety of herself & other patrons of this club need to be taken into account. She is also too young to be weighed down. When you are 25 & under, you should aim to be in the best of shape & at your healthiest, not looking for commiseration & payback to those who are naturally thin or idiots who are just plumb stupid & make comments. Why did she go back to this joint if she was so “offended?” Someone tell her the sad but true fact that “dixcrimminayshun” (sic) lawsuits & support from groups like the “Human Rights Commission” & SPLC won’t support her because they can’t also throw in the usual “racism” clause to go for a win. Let this situation be the catalyst to light a fire under her a*$ to diet & get more exercise! Thin is pointless, but healthy is KEY.

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