Experts Say that North Korea’s Missile are Fake

Demonstration of prowess or fake bluff?

At a recent parade, North Korea debuted new missiles it has developed to the joy of the crowd.  Experts in the United States and other countries took the opportunity to get a good look at this so-called new technology.  Most all of them have indicated that the missiles appear to be fake, and most even went on to say that they weren’t even good fakes.  Anyone that knows their missiles could pick these out as dummies in seconds.

Since a rocket launch that was forbidden by the United Nations failed, some of North Korea’s most prolific military leaders have gone on a streak of making doomsday comments about what the North Korean military is capable of.  For example, they recently broke into national television to inform citizens that they would soon be reducing South Korea to a pile of rubble.  The Vice Marshal, Ri Yong Ho, also said that North Korea can defeat the United States with “a single blow.”  So, it stands to reason that if North Korea is breaking out new weapons for everyone to see, experts are going to be analyzing everything to see if any of these claims bear any truth.  The verdict is that North Korea may have the technological military options it claims, but there is no reason to think so because of these missiles.

The unveiling of the missiles was a reason for concern.  After all, the idea that North Korea might have access to long-distance capable missiles has long been an international talking point.  That, paired with the suspicion that the country continues to attempt to develop a nuclear weapon makes any announcement of new military technology notable.  Experts say that not only are the missiles obviously fakes of more advanced technology they’ve seen from other countries, but they actually indicate that they are even farther from developing the technology than was previously thought.

There is a school of thought out there that North Korea is playing a masterful poker game here.  Perhaps they want the United States and others to believe they don’t possess the technology.  Wouldn’t it be better for them to have it and no one know about it?  Another conspiracy theory that is going around hinges on the idea that the United States government wants to downplay their technology by releasing reports like the one stating that the missiles are most likely fake because they know that they do possess the capabilities they like to boast about.  That theory goes a step farther, saying that North Korea’s failed rocket launch only “failed” because the United States shot down the rocket as soon as it left the ground.  However, why would the military leaders of North Korea not be crying foul if that were the case?  There is no evidence on the Internet that Koreans feel that the United States was behind the rocket launch failure.  Then, the next logical question is does North Korea even have the technology to know that their rocket was shot down?

And, as with so many conspiracy theories, the conversation tends to go around in circles when we have an absence of factual evidence.

One thought on “Experts Say that North Korea’s Missile are Fake”

  1. This is what i think is going on:

    Kim Jong is become a big political joke. The vail has been uncovered and the unexperienced boy who calls himself Kim Jong has only demonstrated what we all knew all along. That is, presidents are just puppets and nothing more for those “families” who run the world. Those families must have a certain amount of “villains” in this world to create conflicts to stir the economy and . Kim Jong is too boyish and is making this game obvious. He might as well wear a micky-mouse shirt. They need to bring someone else.

    Like Prev. Governor Jessie Ventura said, its like the wrestling federation, the wrestlers pretended they hated each-other and hit each other and threaten each other when they were in front of the camera and behind the camera they high five each-other . Its all done for the sake of money. Its all just a game.

    Right now we are all being distracted by topic of gay marriage and north korea and the world has forgotten the high gas prices, unemployment on the rise.

    U.S. can take NK in 2 hours if it wanted to. Its all a game.

    Unfortunately, there is nothing anyone can do, the world population is naive.
    The answer: dont do drugs (clear your mind), don’t watch television, don’t listen to new music; and hope we find a better way to live without hurting each other and find our purpose.

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