Did Samantha Wopat Hang Herself? Internet Rumors Out of Control?

The family needs closure on this matter, but so does the public.

When a perfectly healthy student-athlete like Samantha Wopat turns up dead at 19 years of age, there are questions.  This was only increased by her family not wanting to release more details about her death.  Finally, in her memorial announcement, it was conceded that she died after an “attempted” suicide attempt.  Sounds like it was a pretty good attempt.  In any case, Wopat died days after apparently trying to commit suicide.  Still, little details were revealed, and now the Internet has taken over.

Rumors are rampant that Samantha Wopat hanged herself in her college dormitory room and her sister found her that way.  Maybe that’s what makes a suicide attempt “attempted” because Samantha didn’t die right away, but obviously the attempt was the reason she eventually passed away.  However, Common Sense Conspiracy wants to set the record straight that there is no actual evidence or reported information that indicates that she hung herself.

Once again, the family deserves its right to grieve in privacy for their lost loved one, but limiting information only creates a storm of media accusations.  In this Internet age, any average Joe can take to the net and propagate a theory with little or no evidence to back it up.  What is really terrible here is that it diverts attention away from the real issue?  Why did Samantha Wopat decide that leaving this world was the least painful course to take?  People are so carried away wanting to know every last grotesque detail of her suicide attempt that they stop wanting to know how she got there in the first place?

Remember life at 19?  Or are you going through it right now?  It’s a time when things can seem hopeless, although the argument can be made that this could happen at anytime in life.  But at 19, even a guy Samantha was “in love” with could have been the reason for her apparent suicide attempt?  Or was she about to lose her scholarship and get kicked out of Stanford?  There is NO evidence to corroborate either of the theories we just stated, and yet, you see how easy it is for the gossip to start and spread like wildfire on the Internet.  A simple explanation as to her mental state would solve so many problems and let the family get back to the business of trying to deal with this devastating loss.

Moving on means facing the facts, people.  And the Wopat family hasn’t done that just yet.  But we all feel for them in this time of need.

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  1. I would say to Samantha Wopat’s family including my favorite actor Tom Wopat who enjoyed watching on the series the Dukes of Hazard I’m terrribly sorry for your loss. My prayers are with alll of you, Lisa Weiner

  2. This article is plain rude. It isn’t ANYONE’S business how she took her life away. How is that even SLIGHTLY important to the public? I would take this down if I were you, this is just incredibly disrespectful to her family and her close friends.

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