Crazy Unemployment Figures Circulating on the Internet — 87,897,000 Americans Unemployed? Truth or Fiction?

Well, let’s start by saying that we at Common Sense Conspiracy are in no way trying to say that there is not an unemployment problem in the United States.  There most certainly is, and the problem is both the fault of the government and the people at the same time.  Too many people fall into the class of the unemployed because they simply aren’t really trying to find work.  Yes, they do the bare minimum required to still receive unemployment benefits, but they often pass up potential jobs because they feel they are overqualified for them or just simply don’t want to do them.  This is why unemployment numbers are very difficult to use as a clear picture of what is happening in the country.  However, a number is circulating around the Internet of late that defies all logic, and yet many people are believing it.  Check out this video to see what is being said:

The crux of the argument here is that unemployment numbers as reported by the labor authorities don’t include people that are not actively seeking employment, meaning that the real numbers are much higher.  Well, this is partially true.  After all, if you counted every person in America who didn’t have a job, the number would obviously be much higher than unemployment estimates.  Anyone who was retired would obviously be counted as “unemployed.”  Housewives and husbands that are raising children and not entering the workforce would be counted as well.  The astounding number of 87,897,000 Americans unemployed that is being reported by this video and other articles could possibly be true if you throw out all logical parameters.  Let’s look at what a true unemployment number of 87,897,000 would mean.

The United States Department of Labor shows that the workforce of America is currently around 154 million people.  Now, Common Sense Conspiracy doesn’t make a practice of recommending that you trust everything that the government tells you, but look at it this way.  The United States population is currently around 311 million people.  Now, that’s a true population number, including the elderly and children.  So, with 311 million people wandering around in America, doesn’t the number of 154 million in the workforce sound pretty accurate.  That is roughly half of the population, leaving plenty of room for retirees and children.  Taking that number as at least credible, look at the 87,897,000 number.  Now if you are talking about every man, woman, and child and saying that 87,897,000 of them don’t have an actual job, it could very well be accurate.  As a matter of fact, the number is quite likely higher.  But if you take the almost 88 million as truly unemployed, meaning members of the workforce that can’t or won’t find a job, then what you are saying is that over half of the American workforce is currently unemployed.

Now, everyone in America knows someone who is unemployed and lost their job in some form or fashion.  Maybe they were laid off or fired.  Many have to take jobs that are not nearly as profitable to try to make ends meet.  Others are content to bleed their unemployment benefits dry, not considering jobs that are “beneath” them.  But if 88 million would-be working Americans were unemployed, you wouldn’t just know someone that was trying to find a job.  You would notice the difference in your day-to-day life.  Normal services you take for granted would not be functioning.  From your local grocery store to your favorite restaurant to manufacturers, this number would represent the entire production and economy of America coming to a screeching halt.  Even in the worst times over the last decade, there was still food on the shelves and merchandise to purchase.  While some of this may grow on trees, as the saying goes, it still has to be packaged, processed, and handled by American workers to deliver it to consumers.

Anyone that wants to make a real case about unemployment, working in America, the economy, or any other social issue is more than welcome to air out their grievances here on Common Sense Conspiracy…but as always, we ask that you have some factual basis to your arguments.  Numbers circulating like these amount to nothing more than political attacks and fear-mongering, two of our least favorite activities.

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