Cleveland DJ Gives Parent Advice For His Gay Daughter — ‘Get One Of Your Friends To SCREW Her Straight’

Cleveland DJ Dominic Deiter responded to a letter from a father who saw his teenage daughter kissing another girl. The father believes his daughter is gay and DJ Dominic Deiter responded with horrifying advice. DjJ Dominic Deiter said, ‘Get one of your friends to screw her straight’. This is absolutely unacceptable and should not be tolerated. Comments like this should not be made and especially LIVE ON THE RADIO for the world to hear. Hopefully the radio station DJ Dominic Deiter works for will take the necessary action for this horrible statement that was made. Common Sense Conspiracy would like to stand up and apologize. Someone should apologize and we would like to be the ones to say we are sorry for the insensitive remark made by DJ Dominic Deiter. We would like to apologize to the father in question and his teenage daughter. Everyone does not think like this. What DJ Dominic Deiter said is 100% WRONG!!!