BREAKING NEWS: Ron Paul Wins Louisiana

Say what you want, but one state of the U.S. went with Ron Paul all the way.

It won’t make any real difference in the grand scheme of things, as Mitt Romney is still all but a lock to win the Republican Presidential Nomination at the Republican National Convention.  However, it is still a big moment for Ron Paul.  He is often dismissed as a non-issue, and there are tons of conspiracy theories that indicate that he is locked out of the race and not given the same benefits as others from the media and the Republican Party in general.  None of this stopped Louisiana voters, however, as they overwhelmingly voted for Paul as their candidate.

It really shows the distaste that Louisiana voters have for Romney.  They went ahead and voted for Ron Paul even knowing that he has no chance to win.  That’s not a good sign for the Republican challenger to President Barack Obama, and how many of those that voted for Paul will still show up at the polls for Romney in November?  We’re guessing not very many.