BREAKING NEWS: North Korea Has Launched a Rocket

This picture captured a North Korean rocket at a space center back on April 8.

There has been much chatter lately that North Korea was preparing for a rocket launch.  The rumors turned out to be true, apparently.  South Korea’s defense ministry has announced that its belligerent neighbor to the north did indeed launch a rocket on Friday and they are currently tracking its progress.  North Korea says that the rocket is to launch a satellite into orbit for what they termed as “peaceful research.”  However, the United Nations and much of the rest of the world thinks that North Korea is using this as an excuse to perform a missile ballistics test.  The reason for trying to conceal the test is that such a test would violate United Nations resolutions, possibly resulting in sanctions or worse.

While it is hard to tell which side is telling the truth, North Korea is certainly well aware of what the implications of this will be, peaceful intentions or not.  It also proves that the leadership change after the death of Kim Jong Il has not altered the path of the country and its pursuit of nuclear capabilities.  It is theorized that the same movers and shakers in the North Korean government continue to call the shots and guide the nation’s course, despite the installation of Kim Jong Il’s son, Kim Jong Un, into power.  It will be interesting to see how the United Nations handles this announcement.