Bill Cosby Agrees with Common Sense Conspiracy on Zimmerman/Martin Issue — More of a Gun Issue than Race Issue?

Common Sense Conspiracy has weighed in on the Trayvon Martin killing by George Zimmerman several times, and one of our common themes is that the real heart of the matter here is the fact that Zimmerman was patrolling the neighborhood with a gun tucked in his pants.  The whole incident could have turned out much differently if he had simply left his gun at home.  You can view one of our diatribes on the matter at our article Trayvon Martin Story Out of Control.  Now, popular comedian Bill Cosby, and an African American for that matter, has weighed in on the issue, and many were surprised to hear him say that the gun is the real issue here as well.  It’s nice for Bill Cosby to corroborate the CSC on this issue.  We appreciate it.