Bee Gees’ Robin Gibb Awakes from Coma to the Sound of His Own Music

Robin Gibb was part of the Bee Gees, whose music helped shape the soundtrack of a generation. But it was his classical music offerings of late that helped bring him out of a life-threatening coma.

Earlier this month, legendary singer and songwriter of the Bee Gees Robin Gibb slipped into a coma as a part of his ongoing battle with cancer and pneumonia.  Doctors gave him less than a 10 percent chance of survival.  Family members never gave up hope, and finally, they found a tactic to bring him around.  They played Bee Gees sons and noticed that the comatose Robin seemed to be trying to sing the words to the songs he had performed so many times in the past.  Then, they took it a step farther, playing symphonic music that Gibb had recently composed with his son.  He snapped back to life and immediately told his son that his back hurt and he wanted attention from the nurses.

Doctors for Gibb praised his “iron will”, but his prognosis remains uncertain.  He is still suffering from a wide range of possibly life-threatening medical conditions, including bowel cancer, pneumonia, and liver failure.  But he has already beat the odds once by waking up from the coma at all.  His remarkable recovery is continuing and doctors now say he might be able to leave the hospital and return to his home within a week.  His family remains overjoyed at this miraculous event, and it really says something about the power of music, doesn’t it?