Are Bruno Mars and Lil Wayne Against the Illuminati?

Inquiring minds want to know.  As we daily find more and more signs that popular artists that are revered in our culture seem to take to Illuminati symbolism in their videos and performances, a couple of very prolific artists are being accused of exactly the opposite.  Bruno Mars and Lil Wayne have teamed up on some songs, one that was a big hit for both called “Lighters.”  Many in the Illuminati-believing folds point to this song as a unification of two very visible artists that are poking their middle finger up at the Illuminati, and apparently doing so successfully.

Our first “evidence” is a video analysis of Bruno Mars’ part of the song.  He sings a melodic chorus, but when played backwards, a very anti-Illuminati message can be heard, at least if you buy into the maker of the video.  We at Common Sense Conspiracy have expressed our disdain for the classic backwards playing track, but as always, the proof is in the pudding, so it’s up to you to make up your own mind what you think about this.  The “analysis” of Bruno Mars’ part of the song seems spotty at best, with several words almost undecipherable without the video’s creator influencing our minds with pop-up transcriptions.  Check it out for yourself:

Now, Lil Wayne has been accused of the same anti-Illuminati motivations, despite a video that starts out with him throwing a lot of would-be pro-Illuminati hand gestures, but then he makes more hand gestures that some say are showing reverence and fear to God, an idea that the true Illuminati would never subscribe to. Once again, check it out for yourself and let us know what you think:

It is strange that these two seemingly anti-Illuminati situations would occur in the same video, but then, can’t we find stuff like this in anything if we try hard enough?


9 thoughts on “Are Bruno Mars and Lil Wayne Against the Illuminati?”

  1. It is still Illuminati, but they caught on. Like most of the other movements, I believe that this one, this whole occupy wall street, and anti-Illuminati thing might actually be created and backed by them. Don’t wanna say too much cause more than half won’t believe me anyways, but in the Occupy in my city, the guy speaking had an all seeing eye tattoo on his ankle.

  2. they r actually exposed to the illuminati and now they r trying to get out from being exposed so dats y bruno mars sang dis and eminems song cinderella man

  3. oi meu nome e stefanny sou brasileira nascida na bahia e queria saber se bruno mars e realmente um illuminati de verdade por que pelo que eu vejo todos os famosos e famosas sao ne coitados deles eu tenho e do do nao raiva deles acham que sao mairres que deus vamos ver quando jesus voltar o que vai acontecer com eles e ate parece que eu vou colocar a porcaria do chip da besta deles meus filhos sou evanjelica deisde que nasci fui criada dentro da igreja graças a deus e tb agradeço aos meus pais por isso nao queria ser criada de outro jeito nunca e esse e meu aviso saiam da nova era nova orden mudial saim dos illuminatis cuidado com suas escolhas e so um conselho fiquem todos com deus amem

  4. Idk man. I’m all for Illuminati and I definitely believe it exists in mass media and music industry…but I really don’t see this one. Maybe someone can point it out to me specifically, but I really don’t.

    And how the heck do people uncode what is said backwards in songs? Without subtitles it doesn’t sound anything like actual words

  5. once your in the illuminati there is no getting out they pretty much signed their contract with their blood and now their soul belongs to satan, its funny Absolutely NO CELEBRITY is against the illuminati in the music industry if they are they pretty much end up dying and some even volunteer to die as part of a sacrifice to their god satan for which ever supernatural gains whatever that may be, and if their successful and alot of fans its pretty easy for them to manipulate them into thinking they’re against it which is propaganda 101 and got theyre fans by the balls ,theyre apart of it and their fans are loving it holding up masonic symbols at concerts and eminem and jay z pretty much call them selves rain man which is pretty evil if you look it up

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