Alternative 3 — Alternative Hoax?? Colony on Mars Since 1970’s?

On June 20, 1977 Anglia TV in England broadcast a show titled Alternative 3. They had originally intended to air a show talking about British scientists leaving the country for higher paying jobs. Upon further investigation they found that the scientists were just not leaving the country but the planet. The world governments met to discuss Earth’s climate problem and came up with 3 alternatives. Alternative 1 was to drastically reduce the human population. Alternative 2 was to construct vast underground shelters for the elite. And the more famous alternative 3 was to build a human colony on Mars via a waystation on the Moon. Interviews with supposed astronauts and scientists uncovered a conspiracy between the U.S. and Russia. The joint effort concluded with a landing on Mars in 1961 or 1962. The Apollo program is rumored to be a publicity decoy to explain the numerous rocket launches by NASA. Well now it has been revealed that the copyright notice on the broadcast was dated April 1st even though the show was not broadcast on April 1st. There you have it folks, it was a great big April Fool’s joke. Or was it??