Accidental Incest? British Sperm Donor Fathered 600 Children

Sperm donors have no regulations about how often or where they can donate sperm.

An owner of a British fertility clinic has allegedly fathered over 600 children by donating his sperm.  All the while, he kept his frequent donations secret, but DNA tests are revealing the scope of his offspring.  Eugenics are being blamed for his mass donations of sperm.

Eugenics is the idea that really talented people should spread their seed as much as possible.  The eugenics craze culminated with Bertold Weisner, who started a fertility clinic in the 1940’s.  He was responsible for helping more than 1500 families have children.  Eighteen people came forward to be tested, and two-thirds of them were found to have come from Wiesner himself.  While no one will ever know for sure how many children Wisener artificially fathered, the number could be staggering when you put the two-thirds majority against the 1500 known children that arose from the clinic.

This type of practice is illegal in Great Britain in the present day.  Now, a British man can only make up to ten donations of sperm.  The reason for the limitations is to decrease the chances of what is termed as “accidental incest.”  This means that if two people that had the same father from sperm donations met and produced a child, the child would then suffer the consequences of an incest relationship despite the parents having no idea that they shared the same father and were therefore intimately related.  The United States has no laws about sperm donations, so it is possible that such massive donations are taking place in America on a regular basis.  The results take years to see since the descendants of the donor are thrown into the world and are impossible to track.  How many and what are the chances that any two come to meet each other is hard to determine, although bulk donations of sperm often take place at the same clinic, which improves the possibilities since the fathered children might be in the same town.  They also share DNA and genes, which might make it more likely that they hit it off if they ever were to come into contact with one another.

It is not anticipated that this a major problem, and yet it does happen.  Perhaps the United States should consider instituting laws about sperm donation as well.

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