Would the Real Common Sense Conspiracy Please Stand Up? Plagiarism Exposed by Mind Control “Expert”

We work hard here at Common Sense Conspiracy to be a great alternative news source as well as give interesting opinions about various conspiracy-related topics.  We have been fortunate enough to gather a loyal following, which only makes us want to stay on our game and make sure our site is updated daily.  Writing articles is only the tip of the iceberg.  We also spend hours researching, and in accordance with our tagline, many of the stories we come across we dismiss so that you won’t have to waste your time wading through meaningless and non-factual information.  That’s why when we discovered that a competing website was ripping off all of our hard work, we took it personal.

Meet Mr. Illuminati Mind Control Expert...this is his Facebook photo because he loves the mystery. The real mystery is why can't he write his own content.

The website is IlluminatiMindControl.com.  Notice we are not providing a hyperlink to this site because he has posted many, many of our original articles and never took the time to provide a link back to us or acknowledge the creators of the content in any way.  We would discourage you from going to his site because what you will find there is the same quality content we provide, verbatim, except it wasn’t written by them.  They do not have the copyright…Common Sense Conspiracy does.  We’re not talking about one or two articles here, folks.  Illuminati Mind Control has routinely hijacked our content for the last two months.  You can literally scroll down their site and watch as article after article is posted there identically as it was here (first, I might add).  We are not the only website that Illuminati Mind Control is stealing from.  There are others, and you can rest assured that we have made sure to contact these other operators to let them know they are being robbed on a daily basis.  However, far and away, the site steals from us, Common Sense Conspiracy, with the most frequency.

It’s flattering in a way, but disgusting at the same time.  We have worked hard to build this into what we envisioned, and to have someone come along and just use all of that work to jump where they want to be instantly is very discouraging.  We will be taking every available action to make sure that this practice is discontinued immediately, and you can bet the mastermind behind Illuminati Mind Control is very well aware that his gravy train just ended.

You may ask what is the harm in it.  First of all, our articles are original works, and represent an opinion.  IMC does not take what we said and elaborate on it.  They copy it directly.  It’s so bad, in fact, that at times, when we bring up on our website name in our posts, it appears on the IMC as well.  That’s because the “mastermind” behind it is cutting and pasting without actually halfway reading the content himself.  That is what your high school teacher would call plagiarism, and it is a violation of the law.  More importantly, the IMC is able to split our readership by appearing in the search rankings with our articles.  For example, last night, Common Sense Conspiracy posted an article about the discovery of an ocean on a Saturnian moon.  Within a couple of hours, IMC had completely ripped off the article and if you searched for this topic, they actually appeared in the search rankings ahead of us.  Meaning that anyone interested in this topic would be more likely to end up over there than here, where the article was created and originally posted.

We ask that our readers boycott this site, especially since there’s nothing there you won’t get here (exactly) anyway.  Unless you want to stop by and bombard their comments with something nasty.  We’re okay with that too.

Despite Illuminati Mind Control’s attempts to make their site unreachable, we put our usual research prowess into motion and quickly traced the site to one Dantalion Jones.  Dantalion is an author of books about mind control.  Apparently business isn’t going too well, because he felt the need to create a website for the sole purpose of plagiarizing other sites so that he can claim some of their traffic and revenue for himself.  He even once posted a blog about plagiarism, the only subject that he is probably fluent in.  He claimed in the blog that no one plagiarizes consciously — there subconscious makes them do it.

Well, Dantalion’s subconscious is working overtime, and Common Sense Conspiracy is getting very tired of it.  The real fascinating question here is will he be dumb enough to take this article and post it on his website as well.

Hmm... does something look a little similar? Or exactly the same?

So, in closing, the beautiful part is that with our Google Pagerank, every time someone looks up Dantalion Jones or Illuminati Mind Control, the first thing that will pop up on the search results is that they are a complete fraud.

Mission accomplished.

12 thoughts on “Would the Real Common Sense Conspiracy Please Stand Up? Plagiarism Exposed by Mind Control “Expert””

  1. I’m BUSTED!!!!

    Okay, you got me

    It’s TRUE I have used RRS feeds from various web sites to add content to the Illuminate Mind Control blog. CommonSenceConspiracy.com has been an awesome resource. No doubt.

    Out of good will I’m removing the RSS feed AND all of the insightful content from CommonSenceConspiracy.com.

    I didn’t expect the send up post, but you did an awesome job! I appreciate ANY form of publicity you can give me.

    Wishing you the best,

    PS, Web Comments don’t convey tone really well so I have to say it out right. I’m not being sarcastic. This is said in sincerity, you’ve got a nice blog here. Keep up the good word.

    1. Dantalion, we do appreciate your honesty here. Thanks for quick action and we do appreciate your kind words about our project. You have the permission of Common Sense Conspiracy to use this one post on any website that you wish, provided that you link it to our site.
      Common Sense Conspiracy Administrator

        1. It’s not going anywhere and we don’t censor our comments unless they are spam-related.

  2. Dantalion Jones, you’re also RSS feeding off my blog: http://lawsofsilence.blogspot.com/

    Please stop scrapping us. We work hard on our site and it’s discouraging to see search results that make it look like we are writing for you. We have a CC license, and you’re using our content to build your traffic and ad revenue, so in effect you’re stealing content, hits, and actual money from us. We have children to feed and unemployment issues, so this theft is no small matter for us.

  3. cscadm – Did Dantalion Jones really stop srapping you after this post? I’m just trying to figure out how to get this guy to stop ripping us off. It’s really frustrating. Any advice on how to stop this thief would be appreciated.

    The encyclopedia of mind control: strategy, natural and man made
    Product Identifiers:
    ISBN-10 1468157094
    ISBN-13 9781468157093
    The entire book is a copyright violation. Dantalion Jones (Jack Ellis) is selling my copyrighted book without permission. I copyrighted this book in 2004 and made publically available on the Alex Jones website Infowars.com in 2007. Dantalion has copied my entire book, removed my name and will now be liable for damages. Consider this your notice to stop selling the book. This book is an unauthorized “word for word” copy including my typos.

    Here’s a free link to Volume I and Volume II:


    Here is a link to web archives that shows my table of contents in February 2008:



    I am now contacting every vendor to issue this cease and desist letter. Dantalion Jones is a thief and a retard. He is busted once again!


    1. Dantalion must be really dumb to think he can rip off somones work that was given to people for free …and then turn around to sell it to people. What a complete dumbass. I bet the whole world knows now. The truth is such a powerful tool.

  5. It is not surprising to us that Dantalion is still in business ripping off anyone and everyone. Yes, he did stop using our stuff, but we had to go to great lengths to track him down at first and then wrote this article that even he found it hard to keep doing what he was doing now that he had been revealed. Unfortunately, he just moved on to someone else.

    1. We had to change our RSS parameters so now his site can only automatically repost the first line of one of our posts. We also removed our CC license and put up a copyright notice in its place. Sad, really, that we are pretty much giving stuff away, under certain conditions, yet people will still find a way to “steal” it and profit from our hard work!

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