World Banker Resignations Being Ignored by the Media — Huge Crackdown to Come Soon?

According to our friends at American Kabuki who like to keep a close eye on these things, 358 bankers have recently resigned from very prestigious positions worldwide.  It is theorized that they know that something is about to happen.  Whether that is an even more disastrous economic collapse or a crackdown on world bank institutions, we don’t know, but this video paints a pretty dismal picture for bankers in general.  However, if the New World Order really exists and is taking hold, like so many conspiracy theorists believe, then why would the bankers be jumping ship?  Or have they found themselves out of favor with the powers that be?  Or are they all just patsies, fall guys to be rooted out as the New World Order comes into its’ own, under the guise of rooting out these “villains” that it will offer up as sacrifices as it starts a full-fledged worldwide revolution?

Or maybe they just all are ready to retire at the same time?  Could be, I guess.