Why the Republican Primary Doesn’t Really Matter? And Why Your Next President is Barack Obama…Again

Step up and take your place in history...as the one that lost to President Obama in the 2012 election.

This is not a political rant, guys, I promise.  We try to stay away from that here at Common Sense Conspiracy, although we’ve been accused of more than our share of religious and political punditing in the past.  This article transcends all that.  We just want to illustrate why this year more than ever, the quest of three unlikely’s for the Republican nomination simply doesn’t matter.  That’s right, it doesn’t matter.  President Barack Obama is poised to win a second term in an election that might very well be decided by default.

Whatever your particular political tendencies are, you have to admit at least one thing:  strategically, the Democrats are much more savvy than the Republicans.  America is tired of the classic gray-haired politician from rich backgrounds with last names that guarantee their place in the world to be reserved seating.  At one time, the promise of an African American president or a female president was considered to be a wistful fantasy for young children on playgrounds.  The Democrats recognized America’s need for a different kind of person, and by that, we don’t just mean black or white, male or female, or even straight or gay.  We mean that America wanted to see someone different, someone it could relate to, someone that looked a little more like what we all perceive as the average man.

Early on, no one would have gave this relative unknown from Illinois, Barack Obama, a chance against the likes of the political powerhouse Hillary Clinton.  But, you see, much was made of America being tired of George W. Bush, and they were, no doubt, but what America is really tired of is familiar names.  Familiar figures.  Stumbling older gentlemen that have millions.  Tired of the oil fields back home encouraging their policies.  Tired of the war drums beating when half the country was scratching their head, wondering what exactly we were fighting for.  Even Hillary Clinton represented the old school politician, strictly by her last name and ties to President Bill Clinton.  Popular as Bill was, his wife couldn’t ride it to a Democratic nomination.  America wanted a breath of fresh air.   What they got was Barack Obama.  He was charismatic, young, and most of all, different.  Okay, so after he took office, he didn’t turn out to be so different, but perception is everything.

The Republicans responded with John McCain, another white-haired politician in the same old mold.  They tried a little strategy by pairing him with Sarah Palin, but she was probably (okay, definitely) a little too green to play that supporting role enough to buy the White House.  Now, the Republicans are trying, but the candidates all have flaws.  Big flaws.

There’s Mitt Romney.  He has two problems.  He’s not only rich, but a billionaire.  He’s also a Mormon.  The Republicans have long relied on their Bible Belt-style base to come through, and Christian Republicans simply don’t know what to make of the possibility of a Mormon president.  After all, most Christians consider the Mormon religion to be mostly fanatical nonsense.  Behind him is Rick Santorum who has an uncanny habit of sticking his foot in his mouth.  After that, we get Newt Gingrich, a slimeball from way back.  And then, Ron Paul, who is really an Independent in Republican clothing.  If he had a chance in the first place, the Republican machine is more than happy to bury him.

Rest easy, President Obama.  Despite some unrest and lower than expected approval ratings, America is going to select you again, if nothing else, by default.  Throw in a growing international crisis in Iran and Syria and you have even more certainty.  As much as America disapproved of George W. Bush, they would not abandon their leader during a time of conflict.  This will be no different.

Where is the breath of fresh air?