Why Hollywood and Popular Celebrities are Overwhelmingly Liberal — And the Surprising Ones That Aren’t

Mel Gibson may be the most famous Hollywood celebrity to be openly Republican, but no one is looking for his endorsement.

If you a Democrat running for president, all eyes turn toward California immediately.  Hollywood and the celebrity culture represent an enormous amount of money, political interests, and it is almost impossible for a Democratic candidate to win the presidency without their support.  But have you ever wondered why so many popular culture personalities seem to lean toward the Democratic Party?  We did, and what we found out was very interesting.

Hollywood, just like anything else in this world, is controlled by a few big names with a whole lot of money.  These powerhouses are not only the ones in control of the industry, but they affect young stars and starlets in a much more personal way.  These heavy hitters are the ones that can influence careers and make a star from someone that came from nothingness.  So, naturally, a lot of young upper-and-comers in Hollywood adopt the views of those that will make them famous.  But why do the big dogs lean the way they do?  Well, they haven’t always.

The amazing thing about American politics is that it shifts after a period of years.  Now, we’re not talking about four or eight years in tune with presidential elections.  We’re talking about thirty or forty years.  For example, a brief look at California’s voting history will reveal that in the 1930’s when Hollywood as we now know it was just being born, the state repeatedly supported the Republican agenda.  They voted on the Republican ticket right up into 1980’s, when another shift of the political pendulum occurred.  From then, the tide turned toward the Democrats and it has stayed there ever since.

You might think this is just because of the silly whims of Hollywood, but this can be observed all over the nation.  Check the facts.  If you look back far enough, almost every state has leaned left or right at one point in its history, and not just for one election, but decades.  Even what we now think of as conservative strongholds, like the state of Alabama, used to vote Democrat over and over.  The reality is that Democrats and Republicans are really just one party…and that is what we here at Common Sense Conspiracy like to call the New World Order.

Illusion of choice is what is behind it all.  A raging debate goes on every day and every night in our country between Republicans and Democrats.  But those same Republicans would have been Democrats forty years ago.  And likewise for the Democrats.

So, right now, in the grand scheme of history, Hollywood seems to be Democratic.  And it has been so just long enough for most of us to not remember when it was any different, leading us to believe that this is the way it has always been.  Many elderly Americans that are staunch Republicans or Democrats continue to support their political parties stringently without even realizing that when they were coming up in the world, the views of their party of choice were the opposite.  That’s right, a lot of elderly Republicans’ values were Democratic by today’s standards when they adopted the party decades ago.

So, if you could pull a Marty McFly and flash forward twenty or thirty years, you might be very surprised to find the Republicans supporting gay marriage whilst the Democrats are in outcry.  Or you might find the Democrats catering to rich America while the Republicans fight for the little man.  Politics in America runs in cycles, cycles just long enough that people like you and me can’t remember the way it used to be.

Even in Hollywood today, there are those brave souls that go against the grain.  Can you believe that 50 Cent and James Earl Jones are Republicans?  What about Sarah Michelle Gellar?  Mel Gibson is famously Republican, although his endorsement is probably not doing any of the current candidates any favors.  Kelsey Grammar, a.k.a. Frasier Crane, is Republican hard-core…he even pioneered a Republican television network.  Add in Bruce Willis, a Hollywood powerhouse, who is a registered Republican and always has been.  What about Don King?  That’s right, Don King is a Republican.  How about Karl Malone?  Maybe John Stockton influenced him all those years.  And, wait a minute, can you say LL Cool J?  Yes, LL leans Republican, and he even attended the 2004 Republican Convention.

It’s a crazy old world out there, especially when you delve into the world of politics.  The reality is there is only one party, and we all know who it is.

There is only one agenda as well.

2 thoughts on “Why Hollywood and Popular Celebrities are Overwhelmingly Liberal — And the Surprising Ones That Aren’t”

  1. Yes, this article sure does seem to be dead on. If you would think about it, the entire south was always Democrat and had opposed equal rights to minorities. Remember, it was a Republican who freed the black people from slavery. We do live in a different world, and the political parties only support whatever their supporters views are at the time.
    I recently changed parties because my party no longer supports my values, although no one party represents my best interests overall.

  2. Good article. I am a 75 year old and you are right. The Republicans and Democrats are one party. The very rich control just about everything to keep control over the “little people” (us).
    We are so busy trying to make ends meet or watching TV and always on those damn phones!! Most people don’t know what’s going on too busy smoking pot and doing drugs. We will never stop drugs in this county because they control that too and make millions. Too bad but we all have to answer to God someday.

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