Whitney Houston Died Because of Accidental Drowning

To close the Whitney Houston saga, the official findings of the coroner have finally been revealed.  Her official cause of death is listed as accidental drowning.  However, toxicology reports revealed that she was a chronic cocaine user and did indeed have cocaine in her system at the time of her death which probably contributed to the situation.  Police reiterated that there was nothing to indicate that there was any foul play involved in her death.

Whitney also had blockages in her arteries that were normal for long-term cocaine users.  The coroner was unable to determine if Whitney Houston actually had a heart attack at the time of her death, but her arteries were blocked badly enough that it is a distinct possibility.  Just how much cocaine Whitney had used was not revealed in this report.  A more thorough report will be released in a few weeks with additional details.  The initial findings were probably revealed ahead of time to stop the rampant speculation and satisfy the media.

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