Where Will the Golden Boy Go Now? Homeless Tim Tebow

The Denver Broncos have agreed to sign sure Hall of Famer quarterback Peyton Manning to an ungodly contract, but what does that mean for “Tebow Time?”  Well, most likely, it means that Tim Tebow is headed for greener pastures, or at least he hopes.  The Denver Broncos will most likely trade their media darling off for what might seem like a very small amount in return.

It appears that Tim Tebow Fever is over for now, at least in Denver.

Tim Tebow has been pissed on by all the major sports personalities, saying that he is not an authentic, organic NFL quarterback.  And yet the boy wonder provided a thrilling season in 2011, taking Denver on an improbably playoff run and even winning the first game against the gargantuan franchise that is the Pittsburgh Steelers with a bullet pass on the first play of overtime that sent Tebow, and the Broncos, to the next round.  Just as Denver fans embraced the Tebow fever, it seems that it is over, as Peyton Manning has signed up, and there’s little doubt who will be starting for the Broncos this fall.

No doubt Tim will take this all in stride.  After all, how bad can anything be when Taylor Swift, Katy Perry, and Jenny McCarthy are all vying for his affections?  However, Tim is obsessed with getting better, according to all sources.  He wants to win at this level like he won at The University of Florida.  The road to the promised land will not run through Denver apparently.  Even as Broncos fans latched on to the infectious Tebow fever, they are now awash with a different malady…Manning fever.  Peyton Manning shows up in Denver hot off his controversial dismissal from his legendary Indianapolis Colts (well, legendary as long as he was there) and with only one thing on his mind:  championships.  Denver is alight with hopeful fans wanting to see the days of John Elway-bliss returned to Colorado.  And Manning seems well-equipped to do just that, assuming he is healthy.  So what does this mean for Tim Tebow?

Astonishingly enough, even after a playoff run and shocking upset to the Steelers, Tim’s still damaged goods.  No one wants to take the challenge of molding him into a consistently successful NFL quarterback, or to deal with the fan worship that comes along with the media magnet.  But he is still a versatile talent, and there’s no reason to think that Tim Tebow will be sitting on a bench somewhere.  He just needs  a team with the ingenuity to use him to his maximum effectiveness.

So, Denver fans, as Peyton Mania sets in, do you feel any pangs of guilt for Tim Tebow, your boy wonder just three months ago?

Guess that depends on one man’s neck and arm, and it’s not Tim Tebow’s.