Watch What Your Kids Draw — You Could be Arrested

Watch what your kids are drawing? You might end up getting handcuffed and stripsearched as a result.

Jessie Sansone’s 4-year-old daughter drew a man with a gun in her preschool class.  When a teacher asked why she drew that, she explained that it was her father getting the bad people and monsters.  The teacher decided this was a serious problem and contacted social services.

A quick pause here.  Now, you may or may not agree with the actions of the teacher thus far.  Mind you, the child did not draw a picture of her father killing someone, threatening someone, or doing anything blatantly illegal.  She simply drew a picture of her father with a gun.  In any case, the teacher reported this to social services.  What did they do?  They showed up at the school with law enforcement to wait for Mr. Sansone to arrive to pick up his daughter.  They then handcuffed him, searched him, searched his vehicle, and went on to search his home in Ontario.  His pregnant wife and other children were herded off to the police department for questioning.  At the station, Mr.Sansone was stripsearched to be completely sure the gun they were searching for wasn’t hidden on his person.

The results of the search:  they found the gun.  It was a toy gun.

Canada apparently isn’t playing around with this kind of thing either.  Good ‘ole rights of citizens is being ignored in many cases, and it’s hard to see this situation as much more than an epic over-reaction.  Now, the Toronto Sun is reporting that the family will not be issued any sort of apology in the matter because everything was done according to procedure.  Also, they refuse to release the drawing that started the whole affair to the media.