Waiter Fired for Bragging About Good Tip from Peyton Manning

Sad face...leaving the Colts. But, more importantly, where's my $28 million bonus?

Peyton Manning is a permanent fixture in the news these days, especially after his emotional departure from the Indianapolis Colts, where he has spent his entire career as a future Hall of Fame quarterback.  However, today, Peyton’s getting a different kind of press.  He is becoming known as a very generous tipper.  The only problem:  his waiter at the Angus Barn, a steakhouse restaurant in North Carolina got fired after publicizing his generosity.

That’s right.  Peyton Manning’s waiter got terminated by the Angus Barn after he posted a picture of Manning’s bill, which featured an admirable $200 tip.  The bill totaled $739.58 and included an

The bill...don't worry, Peyton's credit card numbers were blurred out on this one.

18% gratuity built into the initial cost.  But Peyton apparently felt it wasn’t enough, adding another $200 bucks on top of the 18% he had already paid, making his tip roughly half of the entire bill.

The waiter was fired because of “negative publicity” from the waiter having posted a copy of the bill on Twitter.  Now, the only redeeming fact here is that the posted bill did feature the last four numbers of Manning’s credit card number, but still, was this really a good reaction?  The restaurant, that said it fired the waiter to prevent bad publicity, is likely to be the target of endless criticism for this, especially in this time of economic crisis.  Or will people applaud them for protecting their famous patron’s privacy?  You be the judge.
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