U.S. Government And NASA Hiding Incoming Heavy Mass Object

This is a good video detailing how the U.S. government and NASA are hiding the existence of a heavy mass object that is coming into the solar system. The video also details the magnetosphere reversal that is taking place because of the HMO(heavy mass object). This might also explain the 188 day cycle of earthquakes we are currently going through.

8 thoughts on “U.S. Government And NASA Hiding Incoming Heavy Mass Object”

  1. im canadian thank god u americans are hated all over the world because u guys think your s… dont stink………………………

    1. It’s not all of the americans who think there sh*t doesn’t stink, it’s our government. They are theives.

  2. This is not true if they were hiding this froom us why would they alow it on or allover the internet

    1. They let us see it because that’s how conspiracy topics work. “Conspiracy Theory” was a initiated by actually made by the CIA into the news to delegitimize the information. Obviously it has worked because now we have two groups: People who don’t believe the information, and “conspiracy theorists”, who do believe it.

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