Trayvon Martin Story Out of Control — The Truth is So Convoluted Now That No One Will Ever Know It

Some people believe that the media affects how things are perceived by what photographs it chooses to show. Mind you, we don't even know if these photos on the bottom are real, but this is some of the propaganda that is being circulated around social media.

Call it media oversensationalism.  The Trayvon Martin story is out of control.  Every single day it is front and center in the headlines with some startling new “revelation” that either tells us nothing we didn’t already know or tells us something that simply turns out to not be true.  Now, today, George Zimmerman’s father feels the need to speak out, but he won’t let the cameras see his face.  The parents of Trayvon want to incorporate his name with all this attention they are getting.  Spike Lee got duped on Twitter and reTweeted some nice, elderly couples longstanding address to his followers, claiming it was the address of Zimmerman.  Now, the poor couple in Florida is living in fear that vigilantes are going to bust through their door at any moment.

Also, the racial lines are drawn more and more.  At first, pretty much everyone saw the issue as well, pretty messed up.  They saw a young man killed and another man scarred for life, and possibly facing criminal prosecution for what he termed as defending himself.  Now, people are spreading propaganda around the Internet boasting all sorts of things.  Some of it may be true, but the problem is that all of these crazy stories that arose out of this single event are taking us away from the point.

People are debating endlessly whether Zimmerman had the right to shoot Trayvon.  Is it a criminal situation?  Does it matter what Trayvon did?  Did he attack Zimmerman first?  Did Zimmerman call him a racial slur?  Did Zimmerman really fear for his life?  These are the kind of questions that are being discussed the world over, and yet, everyone seems to be missing the point, the number one point that we at Common Sense Conspiracy introduced in our first article about this situation.  And with all these “Hoodie marches,” celebrities speaking out, and now propaganda to indicate the media is trying to convince the world that Zimmerman is a shady-looking character and Trayvon was really a thug, still, no one is addressing the real issue.

If Zimmerman wasn’t walking around with a 9mm stuffed in his trousers, the whole situation would never have happened.  Trayvon was unarmed.  Whether he was attempting to take the gun from Zimmerman or not is a moot point.  If there had been no gun, nothing could have happened.  Someone might have gotten their a*$ beat, maybe even arrested for assault, and the media would have not taken any notice whatsoever.

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  1. In the top right hand corner picture, what makes you believe it’s so old? It’s dated 2010 on his Myspace account.

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