This is How They Do It — Did Obama Really Give All Water in America to the United States Military?

The Keystone Pipeline has sparked many protests...but not a world water war.

Our good friends at Pak Alert Press are running this shocking article about how President Obama apparently has earmarked all the water in the United States of America for the United States military if necessary.  If you buy into what the Pak is selling, apparently the National Defense Resources Preparedness executive order, which Common Sense Conspiracy dissected last week, has a part in it that gives the president authority to earmark “critical materials” necessary to the defense of the country over the needs of civilians.  Of course, in reality, the National Defense Resources Preparedness order did little but make small updates to an act that has been in effect since 1950.

So, why is the PAP all about this water thing?  Well, with a little investigation, you can find out how they managed to tie seventeen things that have nothing to do with each other together.  One of their rallying points in the article is that Obama did this just ahead of World Water Day.  It even turns into a global conspiracy, as the PAP reports that unnamed United States intelligence officials (why do they always have to be anonymous) have released information saying that a water shortage could set off a world war within the next few decades.  It calls them “Water Wars,” and we are cautioned that this is just around the corner.  The article then degenerates into some randomness about bullet calibers and citizens buying ammunition for weapons, which as far as we can tell, has little or nothing to do with the original subject matter of the article.

So, what really happened concerning water that has caused all of this commotion?  Well, here’s the real dirt, without the Pak Alert Press overdramatization.  President Obama got some love from environmentalists when he rejected the controversial Keystone XL pipeline in January.  However, on World Water Day, Obama unveiled a plan to quickly construct the pipeline’s southern part.  This would help speed oil to refineries on the Gulf Coast.  However, it will also mean destroying the Ogallala Aquifer, a major source of drinking water for Native Americans in Oklahoma, who are vigorously protesting the pipeline.

So, while Pak Alert Press was able to quickly sum this up as a precursor to a world war about water, the truth of the issue is that Obama has gone against his own rejection of the pipeline by fast-tracking this part of it, which will destroy a major source of drinking water for Indians in Oklahoma.  Of course, the pipeline revelation has plenty of environmentalists outraged as well.

Don’t trust everything you read.  The real dirt is here at Common Sense Conspiracy.

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  1. This 188 day crap is just that, crap. These people want us to believe that they have somehow figured out a pattern to mother nature. Now for the few of us that understand that there is no way you can set a clock or timeline to these things have to wade through the sea of post (that by the way are all the same) about this 188 day nonsense.

    Give it a rest people, do your homework and maybe you all find out that the earth has a multitude of earthquakes every year and will continue to have them as long as she is rotating in space.

    Stop reading and believeing things posted by the EARTHQUACKS out there.

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