The “President Obama Double Agent” Theory Examined — What Did Open Mic Incident Really Tell Us About Our President?

Shh...It's a secret!

A independent agency linked to Karl Rove has released a video portraying President Barack Obama as a “double agent” with Russia.  This stems from an incident last week when Obama spoke to the Russian President when he thought that his microphone was turned off.  What did he say?

“This is my last election.  After my election, I have more flexibility.”

President Medvedev responded by saying he would report this to Vladimir Putin back in Russia.  Before the supposedly unheard discussion, the two were discussing missile defense, a hot-button issue between the United States and Russia for some time now.

This is the kind of incident that conspiracy theories are born from.  The Karl Rove video presents Obama as a “double agent” secretly working with Russia.  Others have insinuated that Obama has a separate agenda from what is publicly put forth, and it undermines our national security.  Still others believe that Obama knew the mic was on and delivered the comments on purpose to fuel whatever his intentions were.  As usual, Common Sense Conspiracy views things in a different light and wants to show you what really needs to be taken away from this incident.

First of all, it is highly doubtful that the open mic gaffe was anything but that.  There is little reason to see why Obama would do it on purpose.  Looking like he was coddling to Russia is not a quality that helps the Obama cause.  Think about it.  He basically said, “Hang in there.  Help is on the way.”  Indicating that he will be more “flexible” on issues once election time has passed.  There is little political ambition to such a stand.  As a matter of fact, we at the CSC think it is the point exactly.  This is the problem with politics in America as a whole.

We understand that our “democracy” revolves around good, old-fashioned people going out to the polls.  Now, we could launch a whole debate about whether our own elections here are fixed or not, but that’s beside the point for this particular story.  The problem is that our President is making decisions based on elections and not on our own national security and best interests.

Now, take a deep breath.  This is not a Republican soapbox.  We simply abhor the fact that the President of the United States would make such a statement.  He told a foreign leader, and not a sandbox, but a major global power, that if he just waits around till after the election, then Obama can do whatever he wants.  Remember the George W. Bush mandate.  After he was reelected over John Kerry in 2004, George Bush said he had a mandate from the people to push his agenda.  Obama is saying the same thing.  If he wins this election, he can stop pandering to the public and start doing what he really wants to do.  Or what some other entity is waiting for him to be able to do.  That is the question.

If President Obama wants to cooperate with Russia on weakening our missile defense system, then he should do it RIGHT NOW.  If he believes that it is in the best interest of our country, then why wait?  Why worry?  But it’s all about staying in office.  And then, he can run wild.  A last-term president can do whatever he wishes without the worry of the public taking out their perceptions on him.

Why not just act like you are a last-term president all the time?  You might not get re-elected, but at least people would respect you.  This is not an attack on President Barack Obama, but an attack on the entire political system.  As stated above, behavior like this takes place on both sides of the aisle.  Obama was just unlucky enough to have it broadcast to the world.

One thought on “The “President Obama Double Agent” Theory Examined — What Did Open Mic Incident Really Tell Us About Our President?”

  1. I’m suspecting “Obama” is a double-agent for the dark, if anything. I don’t know where people get their thinking from. He is obviously in place to bring America down – whether people see that as good or bad is their own business. America must be brought to third world status for there to be their global gov’t. The aspect of this people are unaware of is that there is a “new world” forming other than the one touted by the arrogant, selfish elite. This world can only be accessed by those who want true freedom and liberty for everyone, not the supposed “liberty” that tyrants grant their underlings. When will people ever open their eyes to the truth, and look at things realistically? You can’t solve problems from the same paradigm that created them.

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