Standing Brooms, Solar Storms. Connection?

Don't worry. That's quite a distance to your sweeping tool.

Yes, we are experiencing one of the greatest solar storms in over a hundred years currently.  And yes that’s awesome.  But there’s no reason to fear.  As a matter of fact, Common Sense Conspiracy reported on the paranoia about solar storms recently, identifying the fact that all of the hype is a little misplaced.  You can see that article here at Put Your Solar Storm Fears to Rest.  You might think that what we reported in that article has been proven false, but in fact, it is very much correct.  Don’t misunderstand; we are experiencing a great solar storm, and one that could interfere with satellite communications.  And, yes, there are things on our good ‘ole planet Earth that could be affected.  However, the article above outlines why this is nothing but a natural cycle, an eleven-year-one even, and there is no reason to think that is at all out of the ordinary for Earth and the Sun when it comes to the grand scheme of things.

Furthermore, there is a huge craze right now on the Internet about brooms.  That’s right…good old average brooms you use to sweep your floor.  Yes, you can stand them up on their ends and they will stand up.  It looks really cool, and is a great photo opportunity, and there is much buzz about the Internet insinuating all sorts of different causes for the phenomenon.  The reality is that a broom can be stood on its end on any day of the week, year, or century.  It is nothing more than an anomaly, a freak of nature if you will, where something that we as humans just don’t think should work in the realm of physics somehow does.  And it does on any day, not just today, or the day the black hole sucks the Milky Way galaxy into oblivion.  When it is all said and done, any broom could stand on its end if the center of gravity could be ascertained.  That is why so many people are up in arms, standing their brooms up, sometimes years old, and marveling, thinking there must be some supernatural or astronomical explanation.

There’s no solar storms to fear.  So, you might lose your cell phone connection for twenty minutes.  You might see your broom stand on its end, like it could any other day, if you gave it half the chance.

To the Earth, it’s just another day.

Stand your brooms up.  And pay homage.