SHOCKING!!! Military Rape Charges At Marine Corps Barracks

8 female marines are claiming that they were raped and sexually assaulted at the Marine Corps Barracks in Washington, D.C.. Military rape charges seem to be on the rise and the women here are saying that their attackers are blaming them for the assaults. For the women who have brought these charges, IT WAS NOT YOUR FAULT!!! These marines who attacked you, ARE NOT REAL MARINES. They are pitiful excuses for a marine and a human.

3 thoughts on “SHOCKING!!! Military Rape Charges At Marine Corps Barracks”

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  2. This pure sadness and sickness at its worst my uncle Alfred Wayne a united states navy veteran of WW2 and retired New York Police is tossing in his grave from this horror of in justice. Yet another honored mans name stained by the worthless criminals in our military today. 🙁 I hate injustice with a undying passion this is by far most the ugliest this that our government is hiding soon or later they will break because what’s hidden in the dark comes to the light, karmas like a boomerang!

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