Robert De Niro Jokes About a White First Lady

Obviously a racist, right?

A lot of commotion has been started by a comment that famous actor Robert De Niro made that some say is racist in nature.  However, usually when a white guy says something and everyone is up in arms about it being racist, it is something about African Americans, right?  Not this time.  Robert De Niro is actually being accused of being racist toward white people.  Surely we don’t have to explain the irony.

At a fundraising event for President Obama, Robert De Niro started off his comments by firing off the names of the wives of the Republican candidates.  He then asked the crowd if they really thought that America was ready for a white First Lady.  As you might imagine, Newt Gingrich was quick to respond, saying that America wants a different First Lady and that De Niro’s comments were “inexcusable.”

So, apparently now even white people can play the “race card” in our society.  The comment was a joke, and perhaps Robert De Niro chose an interesting way to sum it all up, but to rational people that aren’t looking for a way to turn something to their advantage, wouldn’t you have to say that all he meant was that he believes that Michelle Obama should remain the First Lady for another term.  After all, he was speaking at a Democratic fundraising event when Michelle Obama herself was in attendance.  Without trying to get all racial up in here, it might also be interesting to point out that De Niro is married to an African American woman, Grace Hightower.

Sometimes it is what it is.