Rio Summit — Earth on Verge of “Emergency on Global Scale”

Rio de Janeiro is probably a fitting spot for environmental conferences because the Amazon Rainforest is one of the hottest topics in the debate over global warming and its effects.

After a four-day conference on environmental problems, scientists banded together to issue what they are calling a “State of the Planet” declaration.  According to the conference in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, the Earth is facing an “emergency on a global scale.”  Problems include water shortages, pollution, and species becoming extinct because their food supplies are threatened.  The declaration is basically a plea for an upcoming summit in June that is a followup to the famous Earth Summit back in 1992.  Scientists are hoping that the summit will be an opportunity for governments to come together to make sweeping changes in environmental policies.  Creating an international committee that oversees environmental policies is one of the things that scientists are most hoping for.  Hmm…sound familiar?  Could that be the New World Order trumpets blowing?

Whatever your opinion on organizations like Bilderberg and the New World Order movement, this is the type of tactics that are used to allow global supervision of various policies and activities.  By beating the drum for a global disaster, they make it easier for the average person to accept when the summit results in an international overseer of environmental policies.  This is just one facet of the takeover that we expect to see rear its ugly head in the coming years.