Rich Family Enslaves Immigrant for Years — Forces Work for Pennies

Clearly the George's can't afford to pay the help more than 85 cents an hour.

The George family is super-rich, and they own a 30,000 square foot Llenroc Mansion, which features such extravagances as a private helicopter pad, glass elevator, and 24-karat gold ceilings and fixtures.  Remarkably, despite having all of this at their disposal, as well as untold millions, the George family found it necessary to hire a personal slave from India.

The woman from India was allowed to live on site at the mansion.  Only, she was forced to live in a closet for over six years.  She worked long days, sometimes seventeen hours or more, and was given no sick time, vacation time.  Basically, she never left the mansion for six years.  She was compensated for all this work at the generous rate of 85 cents per hour.

An anonymous tip to New York labor authorities led to the immigrant being removed from the home at last.  Annie George is now facing various criminal charges over the matter, and to make matters worse, she was recorded trying to convince the immigrant to claim that she was part of the family and staying on the property as a guest.  It didn’t fly, and it will no doubt make her case a lot worse.  All told, New York officials estimated that the Indian woman would be owed over $200,000 in back wages if she was only paid the state’s minimum wage.

Annie George will have to face these allegations alone.  Her husband, who is also implicated in the enslavement, died in a plane crash in 2009.