Police Send in Helicopter to Missouri Caucus to Arrest Ron Paul Supporters

In St. Charles, just outside of St. Louis, Missouri, Ron Paul supporters flooded a GOP caucus with an agenda.  They wanted to elect their own chairman and make their own rules, which is perfectly in accordance with GOP caucus regulations.  However, the Ron Paul supporters were toting video cameras, wishing to videotape the exchange so that they could show the world if they were ignored, as Ron Paul so often is by the media and Republican base alike.  This is against the caucus rules, and the situation soon turned into a full-blown protest.

The caucuses were called off ahead of time in the wake of the pandemonium, and eventually, police were called in.  In an extravagant overreaction, St. Louis police came in force, bringing in officers by helicopter.  Two Ron Paul supporters were arrested for trespassing after being repeatedly asked to leave and refusing.  A similar incident happened in 2008 at this very same caucus when Ron Paul supporters were tossed out of the proceedings.

Don’t the Republicans have enough problems without fighting among themselves?  Now, Republicans are kicking other Republicans out of their own caucus, and even calling in police to arrest them for trespassing.

One thought on “Police Send in Helicopter to Missouri Caucus to Arrest Ron Paul Supporters”

  1. this article perpetuates the idea that republicans are all the same. The reality is that you have a great many republicans who are really in the same cooked party as the democrats and then you have honest republicans. This is what happens when the two meet.

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