Pentagon Silent On Whether Staff Sgt. Robert Bales Took Controversial Anti-Malaria Drug??

The Pentagon has been silent on whether Staff Sgt. Robert Bales, responsible for the massacre of 17 Afghan civilians, took a controversial anti-malaria drug called Mefloquine. Mefloquine, also known as Lariam, is reported to cause paranoia and hallucinations in soldiers. After the massacre, the Pentagon issued a emergency review of the drug and they will not confirm or deny whether Bales took the drug.

4 thoughts on “Pentagon Silent On Whether Staff Sgt. Robert Bales Took Controversial Anti-Malaria Drug??”

    Fact is they don’t want to say that the Army was so stupid to give one lab the chore to make an Lymethrax vaccine knowing the public was massively infected with stealth gene swapping organisms. They cannot even tell you why all the Lyme patients suffer in silence trying to treat something they say is cured in 10 days.
    War is hell.
    One of the problems they haven’t even alluded to yet is like they describe here for the Wolbachia in the filiaria worm…
    So you might kill the filaria worm but what you used to kill it might not kill the Dengue…The rainbow stew they have created to protect profits and keep silent the war for the destruction of the US will have US raising another flag soon.
    While Coxiella burnetti is known as the etiological agent of the Q-Fever responsible for recent outbreaks in Europe, an unnamed Coxiella species has been found in 100% of the individuals of Amblyomma americanum
    They don’t know why they commit suicide and murder why would the ARMY admit they do?
    They never bothered to treat or tell us the truth before—-

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