Outrage Over License Granted To Kill 2 Bald Eagles

A Native American tribe in Wyoming has been granted a license by federal officials to kill 2 bald eagles for a religious ceremony. Normally they would be given eagles that were about to die but in this instance they are getting 2 bald eagles that are not about to die. There was no reason given as to why the federal officials granted the license. THIS IS AN OUTRAGE!!! The bald eagle is the symbol of our country. We know it’s for a religious ceremony.  Why don’t they just go ahead and strangle the bald eagles with the American flag? This would not stand in any other country so why is this allowed in America?

3 thoughts on “Outrage Over License Granted To Kill 2 Bald Eagles”

  1. Congress shall make no law respecting the establishment of religion, nor prohibiting the free exercise thereof.

    1. True. However, when a religion wants to kill your dog or cat for its ritual, will you still be so steadfast? LOL just saying

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