National Defense Resources Preparedness — Is Latest Presidential Action Disguised Call for Martial Law?

President Barack Obama signed the National Defense Resources Preparedness action at an unusual time, on a Friday heading into the weekend. This is typically a time when the government has historically tried to sneak bills through that were unpopular or controversial. However, the actual language of the action, no matter how interesting, is nothing new. Most of the things outlined here have actually been in place since 1994. This latest order is just an update, delegating some of the powers granted through the executive order to cabinet members.

While the document itself does not bulldoze any new ground, the timing is still interesting.  After all, the United States is clearly ramping up for a war in Iran and military actions in Syria may even come sooner, within days.  The war in Afghanistan continues, though few know why.  Could this executive order be a little housecleaning, getting all the ducks in a row for what happens next?  Certainly, it could be.  At the very least, President Obama seems to have military resource preparedness on his mind, that’s for sure.

The full text of the order can be viewed here.  Yes, that’s the White House.

As conspiracy sites freak out and proclaim that this the onset of martial law they have been calling for all this time, remember that these provisions have been on the books for decades now.  And then, remember that doesn’t mean today isn’t the day that they want to start using them.