NASA Specialist Fired Because He Believes in God — Intelligent Design

15-year veteran of the Cassino project let go with little fanfare.

David Coppedge was a team leader on the Cassini mission that was sent into space to explore the planet of Saturn.  He is now suing NASA because he believes that he discriminated against because of his beliefs in intelligent design.  Intelligent design is basically a belief in a higher power, such as what many would call God.  Coppedge was passionate about this and even distributed videos to his team supporting his beliefs while working.

NASA and the Jet Propulsion Laboratory have already spoke out dismissing his claims as nonsense.  According to them, Coppedge was eventually terminated due to complaints from his team members of “harassment.”

Christian groups are actually supporting Coppedge’s case with monetary donations.  This is quickly becoming a hot-button issue as the big movers and shakers for both parties of belief align themselves for the courtroom drama that is sure to follow.  Coppedge has other complaints in his suit.  He also believes that his opposition of gay marriage was a consideration in his termination, as well as his request to term a get-together for him and his team as a “Christmas Party.”

This is not Coppedge’s first brush with this sort of thing.  He once was brought up in conspiracy circles because of suspicions that one of his speaking engagements was censored.  Apparently, Mr. Coppedge has been fighting this war that someone that believes in God can work at NASA and want to explore space for some time.

Why is believing in nothing required?  Don’t we all believe in something?

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