LSD Cures Alcoholism…Who Knew?

Those crazy doctors are always up to something.  Now, new research says that LSD may be an effective treatment for alcoholism.  Wonder who was taking part in this experimentation?

It’s not a new development.  Research was performed way back in the 1950’s, 1960’s and 1970’s where alcoholics were given LSD as a possible treatment.  Now, Norwegian researchers are impressed with the data and believe that LSD could be a real solution to the disease of alcoholism.  And it only takes a single dose.  Apparently, 59% of patients given a full dose of LSD showed good signs.  Many never drank again, according to the studies.

Researchers say that they have no idea why this connection exists, especially since LSD was dismissed as having no medical value years ago.  However, it is still allowed experimentally in medical studies.

LSD causes psychedelic hallucinations, but is not habit-forming.

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