Jason Russell — “Kony 2012” Filmmaker and Founder of Invisible Children– Arrested in Wild Circumstances — Credibility Shot?

Jason Russell, child rights' advocate, has some unusual hobbies in his spare time.

I know some wild stuff gets posted around here and on other conspiracy sites from time to time, but really, people, we couldn’t make this one up.  As you probably have heard, the thirty-minute documentary “Kony 2012” became an Internet sensation, revealing the horrifying practices of Joseph Kony, a revolutionary leader in Uganda.  Not only did this video go super-viral (even more than brooms!), but it also became a rallying point for those that have been calling for the United States to do something about Kony.  Superstars like Angelina Jolie even got in on the action, calling for President Obama to make a move.  However, since then, there have been some credibility issues as more and more criticisms about the facts behind the video have been levied against “Kony 2012” and its makers.  None of that could hold a torch to what filmmaker Jason Russell has done now.

Not just the mind behind “Kony 2012” but also a co-founder of the Invisible Children organization, Jason Russell probably had underprivileged children on his mind when he went on an insane rampage in San Diego, California this past Thursday night.  According to the San Diego Police Department’s reports, Mr. Russell, still a young buck at just 33, was “taken into custody after he was found masturbating in public, vandalizing cars and possibly under the influence of something.”  Well, let’s hope so.  BECAUSE THAT ISN’T NORMAL.

So, let’s recap.  A co-founder of the children’s rights advocacy group Invisible Children and filmmaker of the “Kony 2012” documentary revealing Joseph Kony’s child army and forcing children to act as sex slaves was found masturbating in public somewhere in San Diego.

Think we’ll hear any comments from Angelina Jolie on this?