Is Lady Gaga Turning Her Back on the Illuminati?

Lady Gaga and the Illuminati have always fit like a glove.

Over the last few years, there has been no figure in popular culture accused of having Illuminati ties more than Lady Gaga.  Her videos are steeped in symbolic imagery, from her outfits to the subject matter.  She has been outspoken with her views and embraced alternative lifestyles.  She has even been accused of all sorts of Satanic sacrifices and the like.  But now, in an interview with Oprah Winfrey that is yet to air, Lady Gaga has revealed that she is about to take a sabbatical from her controversial ways by going completely silent.

“Other than this interview, Oprah, I do not intend to speak to anyone for a very long time…No press, no television.  If my mom calls and says, ‘Did you hear about…’  I shut it all off.”

That’s one heck of an abrupt turn for the starlet whose strategy thus far in her career was to get her name and quotes out there every chance she could.  And it worked.  She is one of the most successful musical artists of today, and quite possibly, all time.  It seems to have an eerie connection to her supposed Illuminati involvement.  After all, if there’s one thing that has been apparent about the Illuminati (and not much has), it’s that once you are in, you stay in.  This has people wondering if Lady Gaga is turning away from the Illuminati, who may have very well been responsible for her meteoric ascent to superstardom.

Popular comedian Dave Chappelle referenced this before.  He was on top of the world with his comedy show on Comedy Central when he abruptly walked away from multi-millions and went on a well-publicized sabbatical to Africa.  Since his return, he has been much more soft-spoken, and has also not had a whole lot of commercial success.  Could it be that Lady Gaga is attempting to follow in Dave’s footsteps?

We won’t know all the details until the full interview airs soon, but it is ironic that she is swearing herself to silence just as she launches her Born This Way foundation which focuses on youth and especially, bullying.  At a time when she needs to be out on the talk-show circuit getting her organization all the publicity she can, she seems to be resolved to disappear from the spotlight.  Is this silence really self-imposed, or is it being imposed by the occult?  Or is she trying to escape something, and not just fame.

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  1. She’s been planning this since day one. She never supported the illuminati, she used them. In order to be able to expose them, she pretended to support them in order to obtain the support of the corporate media; to gain a massive fan base. She constantly talks about her main goal being “to poke a hole in the bubble of pop, make the industry bleed a little bit and remind it that it’s human.”
    Poker Face, for example, is about giving the industry the pop star THEY want while hiding her TRUE intentions as an artist. “I’ll get him hot, show him what I’ve got….. Russian roulette is not the same without a gun, and baby when it’s love, if it’s not rough it isn’t fun.”
    She uses the metaphor of a relationship to describe her association with the illuminati. (her boyfriend = the illuminati) which is why she kills her boyfriend in the paparazzi video. Everything she does revolves around this idea.

    Princess Die is about willfully giving up her life for the sake of revolution, like princess Diana (and countless others) have tried to do. She’s trying to make it as obvious as possible that she’s going to be killed so that people will question her death relentlessly.
    “leave the coffin open when I go… I’m laying down on famous knives so everybodyI sees… The final act of life will be in my own hands to do, I’ll be a Princess Di and die with you”

    Her last album has a reference to her death in almost every song, going as bluntly as saying “I will die for how I care” in Americano; as well as “another shot before we kiss the other side, I’m on the edge of something final we call life” in Edge of Glory.

    So many of the mainstream conspiracy websites refuse to acknowledge the full perspective of her, which has led me to question the integrity of those sites.

    1. Same idea here! I really Love Gaga! I knew on the very first beginning that her songs was not satanic but rather to expose something! I knew it! Little Monster Forever. God Forever reigns in me.

  2. I really appreciate of every word you said, im glad that there is still a person defended gaga, i admit that i idolized her but still, GOD reigns in my heart

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  4. If the Illuminati kills or ruins the lives of people who try to walk away, why is Lady Gaga still alive? Why is Dave Chapelle?

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