Indiana High School Expels Student for Tweeting the F-Word

Always an attention grabber, yes...

Garrett High School in Indiana apparently runs a United States military-like intelligence operation.  They claim to monitor their students’ Tweets and other social media outbursts, and they aren’t afraid to use it against them.

Austin Carroll, a senior, was not suspended or given detention, but expelled from the school over a Tweet he made in the wee hours of the morning while has was NOT at school.  You might assume that such a harsh judgment might be because the Tweet was abusive or threatening.  Well, try this on for size (WARNING — EXPLICIT LANGUAGE — HIDE THE KIDDOS):

f**k is one of those f**king words you can f**king put anywhere in a f**king sentence and it still f**king makes sense.”

Profane, sure…but worthy of expulsion for a 2:30 A.M. Tweet?  The idea that the world-famous F-Word has many uses has long been the banter of chain emails and status updates.  It has long been recognized for it’s versatility.  It seems that it functions well in the English language, be it a noun, adverb, verb, adjective, or interjection.  It can even occasionally manage to be a conjunction.  So, quite likely poor Austin Carroll found his Tweet silly and funny and Tweeted it off to his friends.

Turns out the joke’s on him, huh?


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  1. He should burn the school down, I bet all the teachers would be saying f**k too when they have to collect unemployment. If they want to treat school like a prison, children need to start acting like frustrated and dangerous prisoners.

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