Britney Spears Knows — Illuminati Rebellion Will Cost You Your Life

Britney Spears is seen here during her fall from the spotlight. You remember, back when she went ‘crazy’ and shaved her head. Well this video claims that all of that was her trying to break away from the Illuminati. The Michael Jackson murder is very briefly touched on at the end. Michael’s murder is talked about to show what happens when you push the¬†Illuminati too far.¬†Do you think Britney was trying to break away or is she being reprogrammed by the Illuminati?

6 thoughts on “Britney Spears Knows — Illuminati Rebellion Will Cost You Your Life”

  1. yeah no i think at one side she regrets to be a part ot the illuminati and the other part she doesnt but there are a lot of people who tried to break away from illuminati but they ended up beein murderd or you never heaar from them again. i dont know.
    one thing is for sure never sould your soul it doesnt matter how rich you can be or succesful you will be. life is not for always your body is just for a while on this earth. but your soul is forever….

  2. its very sad and its not only from being In the industry Im not In it but evil is comin after me and tryin to control me

  3. The Illuminati is totally real. Britney may want out, but the only way out is death. Jesus Christ is life and I really feel for the ones that are blindly lead into the group. Beyonce, Bieber, Clintons, Sarah Palin, etc are all convinced they will rule Heaven and Hell, I think. However, Hell was built for the Devil and his angels and at the end of the 1000 year reign of Christs kingdom on earth, they will all be cast into the lake of fire. No peace, no rest, and no relief for eternity. Selling your soul may give you worldly gain, but it’s fleeting.

  4. Britney’s parents sold her to the the Illuminati, she didn’t have a say in it whatsoever. I find her to be incredibly brave- not only to try to break free, but to have the foresight to write and leak songs about her impending doom. An incredible attempt at freedom. Meanwhile the world laughed at her, taunted her, called her crazy, took away her kids and put her back into the custody of her father.

    1. wow… i totally agree with you lauren… it’s sickening to watch but ultimately best for her. I think maybe her father has kept her in a place where she understands that it’s best to find freedom within. Looking for it too far away from the Illuminati is dangerous and even if they kill her on national television… it wouldn’t actually change anything. People would hate everything the illuminati stand but they’d still rush out to buy her albums because they miss her. The Illuminati would still make just as much (if not more) if her death exposed them. Then the world looks at B like a victim and they’d still buy up all her albums and concert DVD’s… the sad truth is… the Masses are the Illuminati, they just don’t know it! You can either look at it like ‘the media tells us what to think or what we’re thinking tells the media was to focus on. Laws Of Attraction!

  5. Clearly this poor girl has been crying for help and no one is helping her, she turned to Christianity and it’s not helped or saved her. She keeps talking about making enough money so she can leave the industry for good. She has said this year will be her last tour and then she is out. That’s what they have promised her but isn’t it the same promise that was made the Michael Jackson?!
    Her life is a test from Allah swt she needs to give Islam a chance, the recitation of the Quran is so powerful it will inshallah remove all those Jinns and satan from her. This is the point to this horrific test in her life and only cure. If she steps towards Allah he will inshallah protect her.

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