“Go to Hell Barack” Going Too Far — Subway Ad Controversy

They don't beat around the bush.

An advertisement right in President Barack Obama’s neighborhood is causing a major stir on the national scene.  The ad is featured in a Washington, D.C. metro station.  It is a very simple, all-text ad, that ends by telling the sitting President of the United States to “Go to Hell.”  The ad is for a documentary called “Sick and Sicker: When the Government Becomes Your Doctor.”  This film interviews doctors from Canada, which has national healthcare already, in an attempt to discredit the positives of Obama’s controversial healthcare plan, often dubbed “Obamacare.”  Here is the text of the ad:

“Barack Obama wants politicians and bureaucrats to control America’s entire medical system. Go to hell Barack.”

Simple and to-the-point, eh?  Many believe despite freedom of speech, the ad is inappropriate because it is directly disrespectful to the President.  For what’s it worth, legal analysts verified that the language in the advertisement is absolutely legal and indeed protected by the First Amendment.  So far, the Metro Authority in the District of Columbia has said that they are not responsible for what advertisements say as long as they are not profane or in violation of law.  Furthermore, they are not allowed to discriminate which ads to accept based on things like political or religious content.  So, for now, the ad stays safe.

The real positive for the documentary-makers is that the ad has now been much more effective than it would have been without the controversy.  While the D.C. metro station puts the ad in front of thousands, the controversy has caused it to be advertised nationally, all for the single rate of posting it in the subway corridor.  Appropriate or inappropriate, it’s hard to argue with the strategy.  Ironically, the people that are calling for the ad to be removed are the very ones causing it to reach millions more people.  So, what do you think?
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4 thoughts on ““Go to Hell Barack” Going Too Far — Subway Ad Controversy”

  1. Plain and simple: When Republicans are in office and things like this happen they call it unpatriotic. When a Democrat is in office, they say its their right. I’m ready for some Democrats to start attacking the GOP the same way.

    1. Don’t worry…they will. They just haven’t thought of it yet. It’s a shame the way the system operates. These guys are always getting in each other’s way, preventing anything from getting done, right or wrong. I’m not completely sold on Obamacare, but even if someone has a good idea, it doesn’t matter because it will just get stonewalled by the two parties. The only thing they ever can agree on is going to war for no good reason. They can get lined up for that one every time (and probably will here shortly 😉 hint hint).

  2. Simple and to-the-point:
    This is UNPATRIOTIC to Obama and the People.
    OK. Scenario. Of ALLLL the presidents that were before Obama, there were NO, AND I MEAN NO type of “BUFFOONERY” being posted or printed stating that the president should “GO TO HEL”. Are you serious.

    Why, tell me why America wants to attack this president? What has this president done that is detrimental to the U.S. or the people of the U.S.
    Obama – 2 major factors,,, just 2… there is so much more … but just 2 major factors
    1. Ended the War, that should have never started .. FOR 8 YEARS!!!!!!
    2. Brought our troops back to the United States.
    3. Brought America part ways out of a Recession.
    4. Has brought forein countries together and ended wars!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    5. AND Vastly more educated than our last 3 presidents all together.

    Obama – A great individual, A loving family, Shows compassion for this nation and the citizens within (Obama AND his WIFE)!!!!!

    You should do comparisons of the last 3 PRESIDENTS to OBAMA and as you will see nobody comes close. SOOO what is it America. Why should this man be persecuted for his skin color, his character, his actions, where he grew up at or the town he lived in, why should Obama be attacked? PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE Explain this to me… I’ll wait….

    My true opinion,,, United States is still truly prejudice til this day.

    Republicans state they can do a better job at controlling the country.
    Democrats say that they can do a better job of controlling the country.

    Well if there is termoil in the house, then there’s nothing being taken care of.
    One side wants to do this, the other side disagrees — CONFLICT.


    Remember the pledge………….. ” I pledge allegiance to the Flag of the United States of America, and to the Republic for which it stands: one Nation indivisible, With Liberty and Justice for all”.

    Myron G.

    1. That’s why we post articles like this. For people like you. Hope you participated in the poll. Thanks so much.

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