Entire Population Of Kiribati May Have To Relocate Due To Climate Change

The entire population of Kiribati, an island in the Pacific ocean, may have to relocate due to climate change. The main risk is rising sea levels because the highest point in Kiribati is only 4 meters above sea level. So any change in sea level means that much of the island will be flooded. Scientists believe that one day Kiribati may be swallowed by the Pacific ocean.

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  2. If you are going to post stuff like this please make sure you research it correclty first! There are actually people who believe anything they see in print. Firstly you state
    “The entire population of Kiribati, an island in the Pacific ocean”
    Kiribati is a COUNTRY not an island! There are 33 atolls in 3 main groups covering over 2 million square miles of sea area!
    I have been going to Kiribati once or twice a year since 1996. I go to the main island of Tarawa, it is actually grwoing in size measurably every year, mostly due to human intervention in the form of building out into the lagoon. But also growth in areas where there is no human influence. Take a look at the SOPAC report (SOPAC = South Pacific Applied Geoscience Commission) based in Fiji. Their report shows that since the first aerial survey of Tarawa conducted in 1942 after the battles of tarawa and Betio, that South tarawa has grown by 66% (Mostly due to human influence) but North tarawa where there is very little habitation, has grown by 3-6%.
    Please enquire thoroughly and post correctly. If need more info read the Webb and Kench report 2010 Titled :The dynamic response of reef islands to sea level rise.
    This shows that of ALL the islands, not only in the Pacific, but also in the Indian ocean, not only are most getting larger (97%) but that the 3% which are getting smaller are all explainable due to man made influences or tidal changes.

    1. Mark, thanks for the comment. We sift through hundreds of articles, videos, etc a day and sometimes we do publish articles without maybe having gotten the whole story. Let me reiterate that we try really hard not to do that, but it still does happen, as Common Sense Conspiracy is run by real people with real jobs and real lives. Thanks so much for setting the record straight on this and I am considering republishing the article with better information. Thanks so much, and as always, I would like to point out that we don’t censor these comments, even if they point out that maybe we didn’t do such a great job. We believe in our readers’ freedom to express themselves just as much as our own. Thanks for stopping by, and we’ll get it right next time.

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