13 thoughts on “Does The Illuminati Plan To Attack The London 2012 Olympics??”

  1. La ilaha il Allah….

    This is going to be a massacre. but I am not afraid for them and their shaton will all be destroyed soon. Do what they may, they will not win against Allah.

  2. Yes, lets all hope God, Allah, or whatever you want to call the lord of the universe will soon one day exterminate the power of the Illuminati. But we need to take action ourselves. Don’t trust the government or media. They are deceiving us with delusional acts and speeches. 9/11 was imposed by the government to spark up a war, which was the timber for World War 3, which isn’t as far as it may seem. There will be a terrorist attack on The Big Ben and The Olympic Stadium. The London 2012 attacks, when they occur, will be blamed on another country, which everyone will believe because of the media. The government has been extremely successful at controlling the masses. One day, everything we have come to now (media, movies, music, politics, etc) will be used against us. We are being controlled, enslaved, and becoming a part of the Illuminati. If you don’t believe me, Please take my word on one thing 2012 is the year. The year where something big will happen. Be Prepared.

  3. Don’t let us boda abt dis tins but being careful of not falin into d trap of d end. Pls go back 2 d bible and study daniel, isaiah,revelation e.t.c. i pray dat God’s grace tru Jesus christ wil see us tru til d trumpet sound.

  4. get ready 2012 is the year. Have you notice the aliens movies they have came out with. They plans is to fake an alien deception to pull the world 2gether and form the new world order. One nation one army its simple thats why they dont care about what you know its not going to stop there plans. We are to strong as a nation to submit to them so its all about fear thats what all this alien movies was about to get us prepard for it. The camps they got ready for us is when the army at war with some outside threat. but its the great deception that god warns of. That will make people submit to the new world order. To have people fill powerless and 2 make people stop beleving in god. They know that we know its all over the internet my love ones. But i hate to say when this happen the people who know this will still fall for it because it will seen real and it will be. Aliens are demons and the plans is to form a army agaisnt god. Man will be decieve thinking god and his angels is the aliens. The illuminati beleave in lucifer. Thats who they work for keep jesus first in your life.

  5. . And the gods will come to teach us and they will say they created us and man will fall for this. And they will pepared us for the next alien threat. But that will be the tru coming of christ and the living god the whole world will be decieve two war with god. and the antichrist and the gods will be beings claiming to be from another planet it will be a new world. A new world teaching and people will be chiped. Slaves for the lawless one .the illuminati talks to fallen angels. Sounds krazy huh lol i been putting things 2gether i been reading a lot my friends the illuminati dont care they are bold because this is out of there hands now its the return of the fallen angels. So not lying and it will happen its nothing u can do but get saved or get slave because the bible said its goin to happen lol. But iff you not go get saved get strap and if they come trying to take u and your family let they shots rain let them have it lol. But im so serious.

  6. . The new world order is a deception in two make the world think we need to put our problems aside because we have a new common threat agaisnt something else and we need two come together to fight agaisnt it if we want to survive. So lets form 2gether as one because there is power in numbers. One army one nation. The movie indenpendance day was the first movie that showed the new world order. Then it was the movie battle in la. Its nothing but a scam

  7. . And the other deception is that devil is messing up people beleaf systems having them to beleave we all not alone. Having them thinking outside space. Lol the illuminati going to put on a show. Lol get ready for the last movie of your life

  8. This is not real. Nothing will happen! Don’t believe me? The Olympics start today. I’ll come back when it’s over, in a week’s time that is, and say I told you so. Saving this site in my bookmarks. 😉

    1. I was trying to remember if the 2012 Olympic Games had anything bad happen. It looks like there was a threat of a cyberattack but it didn’t come to fruition.

  9. I believe you courtney my bro and i have been researching this for months now and we are amazed how in your face it really is, code 9, london attacks. the BA advert is a major clue. also the mascots. wenlock and manDEVILle says it all and yes amazing men in black 3 aliens and lots of other stuff too big ben has be shown alot lately too. the will be a false flag attack or something major. the olympics could be a major decoy for a planned attack somewhere else. i’e haarp the weather enhancer could play a big part in a disaster. illuminati card multiple disasters shows all just like the one with the pentogon and the twin towers. they blind us through social media to dumb us down but my eyes are open and i wish others would too. because when it happens they still wont see the cause was illuminati. i live near london but far enough away to not get hurt well i hope. but i know for sure i will not be anywhere near that stadium ever. unfortunitly the people who are already mind washed can not be saved all the subliminal messages in adverts and tv shows especially disney are mind washing everyone. well not me or my bro. GOOD LUCK COURTNEY. Remember no matter what happens Jesus is there for us all.

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