Does Pepsi Really Use Cells from Aborted Fetuses to Test Its Products? — Stem Cells Gone Wild

New taste-testers being unborn every day?

As usual, some of our competitors are reporting this crazy story as if it were pure fact.  Apparently, a pro-life group realized that Pepsi, the popular soda manufacturer, was using cells from aborted fetuses as part of a program it started to study the effects of flavoring chemicals on human cells.  There was even a proposed boycott against Pepsi.  Today, Pak Alert Press reported that the Obama administration has given Pepsi the okay to continue this practice.  It left us at Common Sense Conspiracy scratching our heads, wondering if this could really be true.

The reality is that no one knows for sure.  Our research brought about two very different points of view.  The boycotting side says that Pepsi was using cells from aborted fetuses.  Prominent stem cell research sites balk at this claim, saying that Pepsi was using human kidney cells grown through stem cell research to conduct the tests and that it has nothing to do with aborted fetuses.  As for the official line, Pepsi has recognized that it partnered up with a company called Senomyx to do aggressive testing to produce new beverages with reduced calories that taste as good as their sugar-full counterparts.  Pepsi’s recently launched Pepsi Next is rumored to be the first creation arising from this partnership.

Researching many sites left us scratching our heads.  The usual suspects have engaging reports that speak with authority and yet have absolutely no facts backing anything that they are accusing Pepsi of.  Pepsi, of course, denies the whole thing, and even the sites reporting on it say that no fetal parts are present in the product that is distributed to consumers.  But apparently some of the would-be boycotters are concerned that it soon could be.

We hate to report something like this without a real resolution.  We would love to be able to make a decree about whether this theory being propagated on the Internet has any factual basis, but facts in this one are hard to come by.  That’s why we find it somewhat disturbing that our contemporary conspiracy sites go on and report this as factual anyway.  So, basically, the purpose of this article is to make our readers aware of this and to encourage people to not believe it based solely on the articles they are reading.  Science does some amazing things, and we admit that it’s possible that something like this could be going on, but it seems like something that a politically-correct company like Pepsi would know better than to get involved with.  The party claiming to have discovered the practices is a Christian group dedicated to anti-abortion views.  It is called Children of God for Life.

For the record, what is being aggressively reported as the Obama administration approving of this is not entirely accurate.  The government ruled that the use of human kidney embryonic tissue is fine and constitutes normal business operations for Pepsi and Senomyx.  However, while other sites have morphed this into an endorsement of using aborted fetuses for research, the reality is that the administration only gave the okay on what Pepsi has publicly admitted that it does anyway, which is using human kidney cells grown through stem cell research to research how flavoring chemicals are processed by the human body.

Don’t believe everything you hear.  And that doesn’t always mean the government.  We’ll be watching this and continuing to search for answers in the coming weeks and months.

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  1. There is one point I would like a little more clarity on. Are the cells derived from fetuses or no. The government authorized the use of embryonic cells from the kidney, but the stem cell researchers balk at the idea that the cells came from fetuses. Are the cells Pepsi is using derived from ones taken from fetuses or no?

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